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Every mattress will always come with a manufacturer’s warranty and the number of years you should expect to use it before you think about making a replacement. However, there are many factors that go into consideration when thinking about replacing your mattress, and it is not cast on the stone that you must always adhere to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Factors such as the age of the mattress, your body type and the quality of the mattress may be the strongest you may need to know if it is time to get a new mattress from Tuft and Needle at Lowe’s before the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

However, there are also other indications that the time to replace your mattress is up and they include the followings:

Dipping and sagging

Dipping and sagging are perhaps the greatest indications that you need to replace your mattress. With use over time, body impressions will naturally form on the mattress and the foams and the coils are bound to wear out. It will be possible for you to see the sags and the deeps with your naked eye, though you will also feel them when you sleep, especially when you roll or turn on the bed. When these happen, your mattress will no longer be as comfortable as it used to be in the past, and this lack of comfort will definitely have an impact on the quality of your sleep. Consequently, you must strive to replace the mattress the moment you see such sags and dips.

You feel pains and aches when you wake up

One definite way to know that your mattress needs replacing is when you wake up and feel a lot of pain and aches in your body. You may realize that every time you wake up, you feel a lot of pain in the shoulder and hip regions yet you went to bed without such pains. There is a classic indication that your mattress is old and need replacing. It is worn out and the coils and foams are no longer capable or granting you the comfort you desired. The foam has been compressed and the coils are also starting to give way to use over a long time. In other words, the mattress has lost the firmness it needed to keep you comfortable when sleeping. Consequently, the best solution is to replace it with a new one.

You wake up feeling tired and groggy

So you have slept for more than ten hours, but when you wake up, you can’t help but feel tired and groggy? Well, the reason you aren’t feeling well rested even after sleeping for so long is that your mattress is old, and instead of making you feel comfortable while you sleep, it makes you very uncomfortable such that you wake up with a lot of tiredness. This happens because you spend a lot of time at night turning and tossing from one side to another due to the discomfort occasioned by the bed. When you wake up in the morning, therefore, you are tired from a night of turning and tossing.

You have added more weight

When your weight changes, there may be a need to also change your mattress. Gaining a large amount of weight will demand that you will need extra comfort from the same mattress you been using when you had not gained the weight. Though it will not happen instantly, you may realize that you are no longer comfortable using the same mattress you have been using for a while. With the gain in weight, you will need a new mattress to compensate for the additional support that you will require. As such, you may not have to wait for years, or until the manufacturer’s warranty expires before you hit the stores in search of a new mattress.

You find that you sleep well when you are not at home

Everyone loves the comfort they get when they are not at home, but if you realize that you sleep more comfortably when you are away from your home or from the normal bed, then chances are that something is wrong with your bed at home. If you feel the beds in other places more comfortable and able to grant you a great night rest, then you should have a look at your mattress. It is probably old or uncomfortable, thus making you not have a good night’s rest.

Your mattress creaks and squeaks

When you hear creaks and squeaks from your mattress, the only reason for that is that they are old they need replacing. If you ever doubted that you needed to replace your mattress and then you hear such noise, take that as the final nail on the coffin and replace the mattress. Failing to do so may come with undesirable consequences, with the major one being you constantly getting woken up by the sound of the mattress every time you turn. This will not just deprive you of quality sleep, but also will make you wake when feeling tired and groggy.

You can’t sleep and you don’t know why

There are many reasons why you may be unable to sleep at night. It could be that you are stressed, you ate the wrong foods before going to bed, you took an alcoholic drink or you may just be suffering from a sleeping disorder. If you investigate all these and they all turn out to be negative, but you still find it difficult to sleep at night, then the most probable reason could be discomfort coming from your bed, and the number one thing you should check is your mattress. If it is too old, it will be very uncomfortable, and as such, it will not be easy for you to fall asleep and stay asleep thereafter. Change it as soon as possible if you desire to continue enjoying your sleep at night.

You and your partner have different needs

Sleeping needs may vary between partners and such may necessitate the need to change a mattress. The mattress may just be in good condition, but one partner may find that the mattress isn’t meeting their personal comfort level and needs. Simply work it out together and figure out what type of mattress will be acceptable to both of you.