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Your garden is one of the most common areas of your home that frequently attracts attention. Because of this, it’s only important that you spend enough time to keep it in top shape. You don’t necessarily have to spend a good amount of cash making extensive renovations all the time. In fact, these 8 DIY projects can be enough to add appeal to your garden.

1. Create a pallet garden tool holder
Leaving your garden tools on your lawn can make it look messy. Apart from that, they can also cause accidents and injuries. One good way to make sure they don’t hurt anyone is to keep them tucked in an upcycled pallet. It’s technically cheap as you can find a lot of stores willing to dispose pallets for free.
2. Be crafty with jar storage
Keep your nails and screws secured by creating special jar storage for them. Using empty peanut butter jars is a good idea since you can easily see through them. Just screw their lids under your cabinet or working table to get them out of the way.
3. Get a new swing
Repurpose your old or broken bench into a swing. It will give you added sitting area in your lawn without having to spend extra cash. Just make sure to securely install it to avoid accidents, especially if you have kids who like to play around.
4. Switch to artificial grass
If you’re feeling fed up with having to use your lawn mower every weekend, it’s probably the right time to get the help of your local artificial grass fitters and invest in synthetic turfs. Apart from that they are relatively easy to maintain, they can also help you save money, especially with your water bill.Learning how to fit artificial grass and doing it on your own can mean less expenses. However, in case you aren’t feeling too confident about your skills, it’s better to seek professional help.

5. Add a pond
You don’t necessarily have to dig very deep holes in your lawn just to build a pond. In fact, a used tire can help you achieve the same thing, without too much work.Take a shovel and dig a hole that is large enough to fit your tire. Place a good amount of soil on the bottom part where the hole is. After you’re done with the soil, get a scroll saw and cut out the top part of the tire.

Cover the entire thing with a good garden foil and seal the edges using big stones, gravel and pebbles. Once you are satisfied with how the stones look, you can start filling your pond with water.

6. Create plant markers
Keeping a garden with various herbs and plants can be confusing at times. To make sure you don’t forget where your specific herbs are, you can use stones of different sizes as plant markers. You can write down the names or create a special symbol for your plants using paint.
7. Make flower pots more fun
To add more fun to your garden, you can use your regular flower pots as centerpieces. You can paint specific designs by hand or you can get the help of your kids in creating your pots’ theme. You can hang them or turn them into cute characters you can place near your gate or your patio.
8. Change your garden paths
Changing the materials of your garden path can be enough to give new life to your lawn. You can try using random sized pebbles or your old bathroom tiles. You can also use bits of wood just for a change.