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 We all want to decorate our home in the
best possible way. However, not all of us can afford to use expensive stuff to
adorn our homes. If you are one of those planning to decorate your home, but
are concerned about budget, don’t worry. There are several inexpensive ways in
which you can give an amazing look to your home. Let’s have a look at some of
these inexpensive home decoration ideas.

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 1. Add interest to rooms using low-cost
Lighting, when used rightly, can visibly
transform the look and feel of your home. Get some low-wattage bulbs for all
the rooms of your home, and use them to lend a bright and lively look to your
entire home.

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2. Add greenery
Plants in rooms create a lively
environment. Green foliage often has greater longevity than flowers. The design
of their leaves can create a striking effect. Go for a slender flax or single
palm leaf, and plant it inside a giant vase. The appeal it creates is simple,
yet modern. For your kitchen, create a small garden of herbs over your
windowsill. The herbs would not only add interest to your kitchen’s look, but
they also taste great!
3. Focus on floor
Like walls, you also need to pay attention
to the floor of your home. To give a new look to your wooden floors, go for
staining or sanding them. You may also replace an old carpet or linoleum with
tile. To fix quickly, go for adding an area rug. However, while replacing
carpet or linoleum with tiles, make sure that the old adhesive is removed
completely before the new tiles are placed. You can use a good quality adhesive remover
to clean the adhesive. With so many flooring options available, you can easily
find a great color, shape and style for the floor of your home, that too at a
low cost. Appealing floors would make your walls appealing too.
4. Store stuff smartly
If you are living in a small space, you
have two options for storage – building under or building up. To give a dramatic
effect to a room, opt for tall bookshelves. To store stuff that you wish not to
be noticed by guests, use the space beneath your bed.
5. Have fun with fabric
Combine different textures, styles and
patterns of fabric in an interesting way, in several elements of your home,
like windows, furniture and accessories. Using fabric is a cost effective and
easy way of giving an appealing and consistent look to different elements of a
6. Invest in evergreen furniture pieces
Buy a timeless kitchen table or a sofa, to
save money as the style changes. If you wish to make considerable savings, you
won’t want to get a new couch every 2-3 years.
7. Instead of getting rid of something, go
for simple fixes
If something can be brought back to a good
condition with simple fixes, go for making the fixes, rather than getting rid
of it. This makes a really inexpensive solution to many home décor problems.
Make your leather furniture lively again, using a bit of olive oil. Renew the
look of your kitchen chairs, using some fabric and spray paint. Remove the
scratches from your furniture and wooden floor by rubbing with almond.
8. Include fake architectural details
You can do this in various ways. With the
help of painter’s tape, paint some vertical or horizontal lines, to make the
room seem to be bigger. Shapes like squares and rectangles can also be made,
for drawing a box on a wall to frame out your furniture, a favorite picture or
sconces. An illusion of additional depth and dimension can be given to walls through
molding. Like painter’s tape, using molding to create a small box, can
certainly give a striking look to a room.
So, go ahead and start adorning your home
with these inexpensive home decoration ideas. By applying these ideas, you can
give an appealing look to your home within your budget. You can also surf the
internet to get access to many more low cost home décor ideas and tips.

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