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While prefab home designs are becoming increasingly popular for being budget-friendly and attractive, a great deal of homeowners are still renovating their homes themselves.

The only problem: Costs.

Renovating your home demands a lot. For sure, it’s an investment you will have to make for whatever purpose. Whether you want to resell your home on the market or simply improve the way your humble abode looks, the costs of remodeling your home could burn through your wallet.

It doesn’t come cheap. And for that reason alone, you will have to make sure you maximize your current resources to pull off amazing home renovation projects. From making your design pans

Here are some of the best ideas and tips to give your home a makeover it deserves without breaking your bank.

Give your floor a new coat

Nothing gives warmth to a home than the floor. You might be thinking about replacing floorboards with new ones from a hardware shop. But as you might expect, these materials are nothing short of expensive. If anything, you might as well go the cheaper route by simply buying a tub of paint and give your floor a fresh new coat.

Add some varnish on your furniture

Old furniture that you have been keeping for the past decade is very much likely to give up. That is, if you don’t maintain it properly. Rather than buy a new set to complement the living room, consider giving wooden bookshelves or the coffee table a good coating of varnish. That way, you won’t have to throw away a decent piece of family history.

Install some accent lights for less

Accent lights are specifically designed to draw the eye towards a particular section of the house. Installing these lights is too expensive, though. Plus, you will have to find a contractor who could do the installation for you. What you might not know is that there’s a cheaper way to turn your living room into a contemporary art museum. For a start, you can install track lighting along the edges of your walls. You can also maximize the impact of your lights by focusing them on a single area. This would give your home a sense of depth without of course putting you in a difficult financial position.

Make the entrance attractive

Aside from the exterior paint job, most visitors would be impressed by the amount of effort you give to make your front door stand out. It is basically an empty canvas and you are free to do whatever you want with it. For instance, you can give it a bright shade of red and blue to provide your home an iconic suburban feel. With some wallpaper, you can cut strips of patterns to put on your door so that it would achieve a quirkier vibe.

Landscape your way out of monotony!

Your front lawn says a lot about your personality. Well, not exactly, but the way it is maintained can actually draw in anyone’s interest. What’s more, the method of doing just that doesn’t involve a lot of mullah. One thing you can do is to take away those lawn gnomes and create flower beds that are lined with white stones or seashells. It’s nothing like a decorative fountain, but it does improve your homes colorful appeal.

Improvise a new furniture piece

If there’s one thing we can learn from shop class, it is that we make just about anything from scratch. If you want an extra place to put books, you can make a decorative bookshelf made from recycled materials. Need a coffee table in your living room? You can also use old floorboards to create low tables that are perfect for a Sunday afternoon chat over cookies and espressos.

Replace your drapes

One thing’s for sure, the choice of curtains can influence that way your living room looks. Old curtains that have nasty stains on them can be thrown away or repurposed as rags. You can then buy a new set or a different style to give your home the illusion that it went a significant change.

Be minimalistic

Presently, people tend to believe that “less is better.” To some extent, they are right. Provided the high-paced lifestyles that we lead, it is best to come home to a room where it is ideal to relax. To make this even more effective, you will have to make some changes inside the house. You can begin by preparing a color palette or guide for painting your interiors as well as storing away too much fixtures.