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Diwali is up, and everyone might be eagerly waiting for the colorful and fun-filled day! Diwali is a special occasion where every people in the world celebrate the festival without any difference in religion or caste. In each country, Diwali is celebrated with different customs and traditions.

In India, on the day of Diwali people used to rise up early morning, bath and wear new clothes, pray to their favorite goddess, share the sweets with their neighbors, friends and family members. Getting blessing from the elders is the significant part of the festival; all people in India prefer to get Diwali Fireworks from the leading standard Sivakasi Manufacturers.

Few online shopping websites raise from these standard Sivakasi manufacturers and sell Chennai Crackers Online and based on other cities too. Decorating your Home with rangolis, diyas, candles, etc. are also common in Diwali festive. Let’s check out ten unique ways of decorating your home this Diwali.


One of the old-fashioned and preferred decoration patterns tried still today in every home is the Rangoli. People used to add up colors and flowers with their taste to add up more attractiveness to the rangoli. Some make use of tissue papers, pebbles, and other decorative items to provide a unique and charming touch to your home.

Flower Diyas

When Diyas are added to rangoli, they make the fascinating look; older diyas are no more. You can find flower diyas to make your home look more delightful and beautiful. There are many floral designs printed diyas that provides the best fragrance and colorful vibe throughout your home.


Torans are mostly preferred to be used to welcome the neighbors, family members, friends and others on your doorsteps. This provides an enchanting appearance to your home wall, and you can add different size and shape of torans based on your home appearance.

Torans developed with colorful threads, beads, and crystal adds more beauty to your home walls, and you can also prefer to decorate and prepare torans on your home itself as per your preferred taste.

Paper Lanterns

This is considered to be a western theme but wonderfully stick to any home for providing the gorgeous and attractive look. You are assured of the cheery vibes on the Diwali celebrations through this paper lanterns.

There are paper lanterns developed in plastic and other materials, make sure you are going with the ones that match up your home walls and interiors. Avoid preferring to plastic lights as they are not eco-friendly. The paper lanterns can provide a bright, colorful and super look appearance.


Whatever the festive or occasion may be, flowers never fail to go out of fashion. Flowers can add beauty to any decoration. Get tulips, genda phool or any flowers that are preferable to decorate your home this Diwali. Make use of the flowers along the empty bowls to keep in your garden with some water for the fragrance and beautiful appearance.

Floating Candles

Ordinary candles have been replaced by floating candles nowadays in most of the home due to their appealing and attractive look. These floating candles can add up brightness and colorful look when placed on a corner or table top.

The floating candles are designed in various size, shapes and with materials like marbles, flower petals, and precious stones.

In-House Decorations

Old decorative items can be replaced by new and latest decorations to make your interiors, and other areas at your home look stunning. You can get new carpets, cushion covers as per the interiors to add up more colorful and vibes over your home.

Paper Cup Lamps

Now decorate your home with best affordable and creative way by making use of this colorful paper cup lamp. Make use of different type of paper cups, develop a string and decorate your different part of the home interior to provide the fascinating appearance. You can attach colorful lights to provide more beauty to your home.

Decorate your Home with these bright ideas and provide a breathtaking appearance to your friends, family members, and neighbors. Wishing everyone a safer, healthy and colorful Diwali!