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With the grand festival of Christmas knocking at the door, you must be busy making plans about gifts, foods items and of course decoration. Well, decoration is always a significant part of Christmas celebrations. If you have always gone for modern decorations, why not give a try to vintage this time? Vintage Christmas decoration has its own charm and gives a special warmth to your home. Moreover, it offers you an opportunity to give your home and surroundings a feel of tradition and simplicity.

If you are looking for some creative vintage Christmas decoration ideas, below appear some that you can give a try:

1. Rustic milk can

This is one of the many uses of a rustic milk can. The large green branches along with berries and the burlap bow, give a charm and warmth to the place.

2. Ceramic bulbs

Those large, pointy bulbs served as ornaments when hung on trees. When used outdoors, the lights gave a “gingerbread” look to every house. Nowadays, you can come across these strands of bulbs at many places, and some of them have even been updated with the help of LED bulbs. However, we prefer the old-school, softer glow emitted by ceramic bulbs. 

3. Ceramic trees

Remember how we decorated these ceramic tabletop trees with tiny glass or plastic bulbs? Well, get these ceramic trees and light them up delightfully.

4. Die cut décor

If die cutting is a hobby of yours, there are a wide variety of stuff you can create for Christmas décor with a die cutting equipment. Cut out snowflakes, Christmas trees, reindeers, flowers, ribbons and other designs out of paper or fabric. You can stick or hang these die cut designs on walls, furniture, doors and windows. 

5. Gumdrop trees

This was less difficult as compared to gingerbread house, but it allowed you to use candy creatively. This time, make these gumdrop trees a part of your decorations again. However, it may be difficult to keep your hands away from the sweet display.

6. Tinsel garland

Fancy projectors are no more a need when you have soft tinsel garlands, whose shimmering foil needles can reflect rainbows from lights of the tree. A simple decoration item, yet it adds a unique delight.

7. Vintage outdoor decoration

Ever wondered what to do with an old wooden window frame that you find at a flea market or rummage sale? Well, you can make a charming seasonal display for a wall with it by hanging a bountiful branch along with some berries on it. Include a huge burlap bow and you have created a great holiday décor item.

8. Vintage lantern

A charming distressed lantern can make a delightful Christmas décor item. You can tuck anything in it, and its tradition style with a clean look makes it easily go with most types of decors. Tuck some small Christmas décor items in it to give it a charming look.

With these vintage décor ideas, set out to adorn your home and surroundings with a vintage look and feel this festive season. This time, let the décor be simple, warm, yet delightful. If you have more ideas for vintage Christmas décor, please share them in the form of comments. Merry Christmas!