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Who doesn’t love a good life hack — especially for organizing? For this blog post, we rummaged around the Internet to bring you the coolest and most useful organizing hacks. The hacks presented here are foolproof and will make your home look darn good, too. Make your spring cleaning a breeze by applying some smart hacks from below.   

Image via hewearsmanyhats.com

1| Picture Frame as a Dry Erase Board

Not only are picture frames cheaper, but they look better, too.To make this look even better, insert a textured print inside the frame. Of course, you’re free to choose any print. Cut your selected print to fit within the size of the frame and then place it behind the glass like you would a photo.  Not much work or thought needed for this hack, so just write away on the glass surface.  It’s really important to make make sure you use dry erase markers before you start writing.

Image via abeautifulmess.com

2| Labeled Clear Jars in Pantries

Pantries can be a nightmare because they can easily get cluttered, making it difficult to find things quickly. Using clear jars to store ingredients and shelf-stable food and then using a paint pen to label the jars directly will make your life 10 times easier. Imagine opening the pantry and spotting what you need in an instant. Make sure to get matching jars for a clean and purposeful look. You can DIY them or buy them pre-made — either way works!

Images via hometalk.com

3| Use a Tension Rod to Store Cleaning Products

You want to know what’s ironic? Cluttered cleaning supplies. Yep, they can create an unsightly mess under the sink. However, if you were to hang them on a tension rod, then your collection of cleaning supplies would be more organized. Plus, for added organization, the space created from hanging the cleaning supplies can be used for plastic storage containers to further organize cleaning essentials which can’t be hung.

Images via lydioutloud.com | goodhousekeeping.com

4| Organize Your Wires

Fumbling around with wires is a hassle, but you can make it easier on yourself by labeling them with bread tags. They’re really easy to use. Just put the wire through the open slit, and you’ll have a bread tag label. Since they come in different colors, you can make your own color code system, too! Cheap and effective.

Images via iheartorganizing.com | blog.monaluna.com

5| Use a Cork Board

For what? For anything! Just use push pins to hang stuff, and you’re set. I recommend using this for essentials like keys, sunglasses, mail, jewelry, watches, and items which are easy to forget. You can string wire or twine across the board and use clothespins to hold photos and other things in place. Make your board super fancy by painting it white and placing it within an ornate frame.

Image via alltechstep.com

6| Decorative Baskets for Open Shelves

Open shelves make it easy to see when they’re starting to get disorganized and cluttered. Cute wicker baskets give you a stylish way to hide your shame. You can mix and match different basket prints and textures to match the style of your home. They’re easy to use and can help you to organize a bunch of things like clothes, shoes, craft supplies, or whatever else needs a home. When you have the time, organize those wicker baskets! You have to eventually clean the inside of the baskets, too.

Image via stevebramson.com

7|  Shelf Dividers

It’s like a book divider but for shelves. They help to create a super organized look and will help you segregate your linens, clothes, shoes, plants, and whatever else needs separating! I personally like see-through dividers because they create visual space and openness — plus, they make it easier to find things. Try to find dividers that match the height of your shelf to avoid having dividers that don’t fit properly or have too much of a gap at the top. Otherwise, you should be good to go!

Image via homedit.com

8| Peg Boards

Ah, yes, the cork board’s cousin. It can be used for anything that can be hung. If it’s big enough, it can be a closet organizer for jewelry, scarves, accessories, hair ties, and other stuff that can be displayed. There are many creative uses for pegboards. For example, you can install mini shelves and cute lighting for all your cool knick-knacks. The biggest benefit to using pegboards is that they’re usually made of natural wood, giving them an organic appeal that you won’t get from typical plastic organizers. Any way you use them, pegboards are sure to spruce up your place.

Images via kelleynan.com

9| Drawer Organizers

Messy drawers are only fun if you like digging your hands into the mysterious void known as ‘Surprise Object Land.’ But if you’re like most people who don’t have a lot of free time to spend rifling through drawers, it would be really nice to know exactly where the tape is. With see-through plastic drawer organizers, you’ll see where everything is in plain sight. Plastic drawer containers are cheap and can double as dividers. To get the perfect fit, measure your drawer before purchasing them. Also, get various sizes to divide up drawer space.

About the author: Lucy Parker is the Resident Design Consultant at HomeDecorAZ.com. When she’s not busy helping clients with interior design projects, Lucy writes blog posts related to home décor. She’s also a foodie who loves traveling and enjoys movies (except horror).