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people living in duplex apartment, how to make full use of the space under stair
is what they care about. I collected the following 9 ideas to make use of the space understair.


your stair is close to entrance, you may consider to turn it into vestibule storage
rack. Closes, shoes, hat, scarf and other accessories can be hanged on it. It improves
the space use ratio and storage problem at the entrance.


will you do with the narrow space under the stair which leads to balcony? If
you do not have good idea, then try to transform it into recreational area. Install
ladder type storage rack under the stair and add computer desk under it to expand storage space.


you love to ride bicycle, then the storage of it may be a problem for you. The smart
home owner finds a good way to store bicycles – make use of the space under stair.
It do not occupy extra space in our home.


do not know whether people agree with me that the space under stair is a good space
for reading. It has quiet environment. The home owner applies same wallpaper with
other areas in the home under the stair space. The table cloth on the table
also uses the same color and pattern with the wallpaper, which add integrity to
the space. I think it will be great to read book in it.


pet is popular for many people. If you are planning to build pet room recently
and you are live in duplex apartment, then you can try to turn the space under stair
into new room for your lovely pet. Pet bed, a large bowl and door can create a
warm pet room easily.


you are bookworm who loves reading, bookcase must be indispensable furniture in
your home. The bookcase in the picture combines stair and bookcase perfectly
together. People may cannot identify it is stair or bookcase.


space under the stair is directly made into rest area – a single sofa is placed


bookcase, home owner also can turn the space under stair into shoe cabinet. This
idea not only makes use of the space under stair, but also adds score on
decoration with the shoe cabinet.


The most common use of space under stair
is make it space for storing sundries. Home owner can store all the sundries in