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Water is an essential source of life, and its uses are just endless. We cannot imagine living without water since it is applicable for so many purposes. We use it for drinking, our baths, for clothes, for plants, in our foods, for industrial purposes so on and so forth. It is a means to our sustenance; it is an indispensable part of our lives. We cannot even begin to imagine living without it; the human body comprises of 60% of water which nourishes every pore of our living cells. That is how important water is in our daily lives.

Another factor to be kept in mind is purifying the water which we sometimes tend to overlook. Pure water is essential for our consumption, and our body sustains solely from it. Impure water would result in water-borne diseases which also results in epidemics in many cases. You might want to check the Best Reverse Osmosis System to get maximum protection.

We would be discussing 9 reasons for why water purification is essential and failure to comply would result in disastrous outcomes,

  1. TO REDUCE CHLORINE LEVELS: Water consists of a substantial amount of chlorine and this can result in serious medical conditions which include,
  • Risk of contracting cancer
  • Defects in birth
  • Cardiovascular problems

Breathing conditions such as asthma Employing water purification should decrease the chlorine levels and simultaneously reduce the imminent risks thereby making it beneficial for your loved ones.

  1. TO DECREASE THE RISK OF CANCER: Nowadays artificial chemicals are added vehemently without second thoughts, and sometimes it makes its way through the water channels as industrial waste. Some of these chemicals can be carcinogenic and would consequently result in cancer. There have been multiple cases at locations where industrial sewage plants are present, the locals get contracted with these chemicals and pay the price. Having a proper water treatment and purification facility can substantially hamper this without causing any further damage.
  2. AFFECTING THE FLAVOUR: We get to listen to numerous cases where the taste of drinking water doesn’t seem normal. To make the water pure, potassium permanganate is added, but what they don’t realize is it could with the original flavor of the water sometimes making it difficult or in worst case scenarios, almost impossible to drink. Adding those in limited quantities is favorable at best, but overuse can be fatal. Water purification becomes imminent in this case. You need to be careful about consuming artificially flavored water since there could be chemicals other than the potassium permanganate in them. A designated water purification system goes a long way into ensuring that you stay safe.
  3. PLUMBING CONTAMINANTS: Sometimes, it so happens that if your plumbing systems have become outdated, water flowing inside it might catch up some rust and other chemicals from the pipes. Rusted plumbing connections contain dense amounts of copper and that could result in health issues. Even though you improve the water supply, it is equally important that you replace the old plumbing connections with the new ones to avoid any kind of lasting issues. It is also preferable that you check these connections in an out since dormant chemicals apart from copper could result in problems.
  4. BACTERIA LEVELS: Water coming from unmarked sources or from water bodies that are not treated regularly can contain harmful bacteria and viruses. Especially bacteria like Escherichia Coli which affects the intestinal parts of the body resulting in stomach disorders and diseases like diarrhea and vomiting as well. You could also contract fever levels as high as 101 degrees Fahrenheit which could prove fatal. It is therefore essential that water purification is the highest necessity to decrease the levels of potential diseases and reduce the bacteria levels.
  5. SAVES UP ADDITIONAL COST: You must be thinking about how this is relevant to this discussion. There are cases when we prefer using bottled water if our household water connections provide us water high of harmful contaminants. A steady water purification facility in your own household or in your society can ease these costs up considerably. You take additional bottles of water weekly or sometimes daily, instead you can install a water treatment facility once which can run smoothly for years and then you have to do a maintenance check from time to time which also costs a minimal amount. It is a highly preferable option and should be employed by everyone.
  6. LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT: Carbon footprint is a technical term which defines the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere because of various activities. These may include vehicular emissions, household waste emissions, industrial gas emissions, even use of air conditioners, etc., resulting in increased levels of CO2. A proper water purification system can alleviate these problems drastically if you follow the installation process as per the guidelines conducive to protecting the environment. If you have pure water available in your homes because of this system, you can eradicate the use of plastic to store them since they are the biggest factor for increased levels of carbon footprint. Also, bottled water should be avoided at all costs to prevent the environmental damage.
  7. HEALTHY FOOD: The purification system also focuses on improving your health since you would be using them in your foods too. Also, a healthy supply of pure water makes your vegetables and other things tastier than normal. Since they are free of any kind of contaminants and bacteria, you will rest easy thinking about this. You would still keep in mind that regular maintenance of the water purification is necessary, the food you bring from the markets should be rinsed and washed thoroughly as they are exposed to pollutants
  8. HEALTHIER PLANTS: Pure, treated water from the purification system also helps in keeping your plants from any kind of harm. Plants also contribute to keeping our ecosystem healthy and they are a vital part in decreasing the volumes of carbon dioxide and creating large amounts of oxygen. This keeps the environment safe and healthy but that would only happen if you nurture your plants with pure water.


Water is a part of our life, imagine our life being pulled out just because of the fact that we were not careful, we were not able to take up necessary steps to safeguard it. It becomes a necessity that water purification is the need of the hour, large water bodies are not getting cleaned up and they are continuously adulterated with harmful chemicals from sewage facilities and industrial plants. Awareness among people is essential so that the voices are heard, the concerned authorities take action and most of all, you take action to curb this menace and make a better world for the next generation.