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Renting a home is not that easy. There are also lots of
rules, regulations and restrictions that come with it. There are landlords who
don’t allow pets inside the houses. Some homeowners forbid house parties. Some
even don’t allow rearranging the furniture inside their properties.
One of the most common restrictions that renters usually have
to face is home decoration. If you are one of the many tenants who are
forbidden to repaint the wall, here are few alternatives that your landlord will surely agree with. They are all temporary, easy to
remove and most of all won’t cause any kind of damage at your rented walls.
Temporary wallpaper
Just like any other wallpaper, temporary wallpapers give the
home a colorful and decorative look. It makes the wall look more fresh and
lively than before. The only difference of it to normal wallpaper is that it’s
pretty easy to remove and leaves no residue behind.
Tile transfers,
stickers and tattoos

If you wanted your kitchen wall or backsplash to look
something new, you can use tile stickers and tattoos. They are available in
different styles, sizes and colors at your nearest home improvement stores.
They are pretty easy to peel off and leave no residue.
If you wanted to be more artistic with your wall, fabrics
can be one of your best options. You can either stretch your fabric tightly
over the wall using some thumbtacks or you can buy foam boards the size of you
wall, cover it with the fabric you chose and then place the board against the
Attach a curtain rod to your wall near the ceiling and hang
a curtain (at wall length) into it. It will be much better if the curtain
almost reaches your flooring. Be creative with it and choose the curtain style
and/or color that suits your style and taste.
Art gallery

Do you have a collection of paintings? If yes, it’s now the
perfect time to put them on display. You can also get creative by buying a big
canvass and personally painting or drawing something into it. Hang them up and
let the world knows your hidden creativity.
Vinyl wall decals
There are lots of wall decals available at home improvement
shops and stores right now. Just choose the right one and go stick ‘em up! 
Wrapping papers
Your unused wrapping papers can serve as temporary
wallpapers too! Search the internet or Pinterest for some ideas and how-tos!
Masking or washi
Much has been said about washi tapes as a tool for home
decoration. The possibilities are endless with washi tapes as long as you use
your imagination and creativity with it. You can even use them at your
furniture and other stuff near your wall.
Folding screens
Aside from being a perfect piece of art at your home
corners, folding screens are quite awesome as wall paint alternative too!
Choose a creatively painted and colored folding screen and place it near your
wall. You can also place a lamp behind or in front of it to make it more interesting.
What do you think of these paint alternatives? Are they
enough to make your rented house or wall less boring?

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