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Flooding is one of the most common way damage inside the house, the risk it brings with is a lot higher than the damage done with fire. Once the water gets inside the house, there is hardly a way to prevent the damage happening, the extent of damage is done from wiring, insulation, furniture, carpets and much more.

The only way to prevent from water damage is staying above the water level, but this does not guarantee as a helpful measure. Because the water level can go higher than what one can expect, leading to further water manage.

Below are 9 ways to protect the home from flooding and water damage:

  1. Create a safety plan for the in-house electrical system: One of the worst water damage is the short circuit happening, they add the risk which is already posed by the water. To prevent this to happen ensure, that the electrical system, inclusive of wiring and switches are placed at a higher level than the regular water level, that during flooding it should not touch the electrical system.
  1. Understand the water flow system: Little bit of awareness and knowledge goes well in the long run. Understand how the plumbing structure works in your home, if your house is slanting or stands at a certain angle, what are the possible chances of water entering the house during the flooding. Know if your house is in the area prone to flooding and how the corporation will be dealing with such an emergency.
  1. Check for cracks in and around the house: Look around your house and see if there are any foundation cracks which have not been taken care of, ensure to get them fixed by a professional and is quite durable, rather than just patching up with cement as this may increase the chances of it cracking up again.
  1. Check for better water valves: If your sewer system is not properly designed then it increases the chances of flooding in the house. Use good quality valves, they are like the one-time investment, during the flooding they will be able to automatically let the water to go out.
  1. Safeguard your valuables: Keep all your expensive items and furniture on the second floor, it is good to avoid keep expensive items on the ground floor. Also, if there are valuable things smaller in size, safeguard them in plastic bags or containers.
  1. Install a sump pump: Installing a good quality sump pump comes in handy during flooding inside the house. They are run by electricity and are quite powerful, there are also battery-operated sump pump in case if the electricity goes out. These can easily pull the water from the house acting as the great defense against flooding.
  1. Fuel tanks to be anchored: Ensure the fuel tanks, air conditioner units, and generators are placed higher than the flood level. Get them anchored properly because during the time of flood they may break and can easily contaminate the water supply chain, leading to serious hazards.
  1. Prepare an emergency floor plan: Despite all the safety measures taken, water damage may still not be dealt completely. The best way to deal with it is to prepare an emergency action plan with your family and practice, let the children know the safe zones that they can go to during flooding. Ensure to plan an emergency kit within the house, which each and every member should have an access to.
  1. Install flood sensors: It is advisable to install integrated flood sensors while planning your home automation system. This will alert you before time about the possibility of a flood and let you take immediate action for it. Ensure to install in various places of the home.

Above state are few of the necessary action that can be taken during the time of flooding emergency. Most importantly having the right knowledge and keeping your family prepared is the best remedy to deal with such situations. For more help contact best company in water damage Phoenix.