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 Have you gone into your bathroom lately and found yourself thinking about all the things you wished were different or could be improved?  Bathroom renovations are big business these days, simply because they’re relatively easy to manage and afford, can add thousands of dollars to your home, and can improve your every day quality of life.
Once relegated to the back of the house, in a small and dark room with only the basics provided, bathrooms these days can be transformed into havens for pampering and relaxing.
Let’s look at some of the factors you should consider when looking at a bathroom renovation.
Light and Ventilation In The Bathroom
While you may not think of light and ventilation as the first things to focus on in your bathroom, industry professionals often suggest that these two factors can make the most difference to your bathroom.
With the trend these days for well ventilated and light rooms, a bathroom renovation project might need to encompass a window replacement or a better designed system for lighting.  Skylights and light wells can also be a
fantastic way to get some much needed light into a difficult space.  This kind of planning needs to be conducted
early in the project as it can effect the final layout of room.
New Fixtures and Fittings
No bathroom make over would be complete without a new set of fixtures and fittings.  If you’ve ever
looked lovingly at the latest bath or set of stylish shower tiles then you’ll understand how tempting it is to want the very best in your bathroom.
Bathroom Renovations Unfortunately, however, this can often send the cost of a
bathroom renovation way above what you may have anticipated or had allocated
financially.  An experienced plumber will tell you
that it’s a better idea to compromise on items such as sinks and tiles, while
focusing your budget on fixtures such as taps.
This is because an inexpensive tap or shower head can cost
hundreds of dollars to fix in the event of a problem.  Some issues may not be able to be fixed
adequately, leading to years of leaky taps or showers that don’t quite work the
way they’re supposed to.
Creating A Sense of Space
The one biggest complaint about most, old fashioned or out of date bathrooms is that they are badly designed, leading to little usable floor space.  Luckily today there are many ways to “open” a bathroom up through smart planning and of course through the assistance of a good plumber.
Especially in smaller bathrooms. One idea is to consider removing the bath to create a larger shower or wet area.  These can often be enclosed simply with a plain sheet of glass, minimizing the need for messy walls and doorways.
Not everyone wants to have a bath in their bathroom, and this can immediately free up floor space.
The placement of the toilet should be another consideration, as often these are placed in awkward positions in older bathrooms – either right up against the sink or stuck in a corner. Finding a better location for your toilet can sometimes just be a matter of a professional giving you advice based on the layout and your needs.
Renovating your bathroom can be one of the most exciting projects you undertake in your house, and finding plumbing professionals to help guide you through each stage of planning, execution and delivery can make
all the difference.
John Roberts is passionate about interior decorating and design. Since 2003 John has renovated numerous homes, right from light renovations, to larger scale projects, including  multi unitproperty developments. John is a professional plumber with over 25 years in the industry.