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Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and it’s important to have space where you feel completely at home and relaxed. But it can also become a boring space if you never change it up. A little redecorating can go a long way toward making an old and familiar room feel new and exciting again. Fortunately, you don’t have to dip too deeply into your bank account in order to freshen up your bedroom. Try out these tips to add a little spice to your bedroom without going into debt.

  1. Hang Up Pictures

A bedroom is a perfect place to surround yourself with family photos and other meaningful images. Consider creating a gallery wall for your favourite art or photographs. One of the best ways to show off a favourite photograph is to get a photo printed on canvas and display it in an elegant floater frame. One large framed photo can be the central focus of a gallery wall. Your favourite paintings and prints can also make excellent decorations that not only add visual interest to your decor but bring you joy whenever you see them.

  1. Hide The Clutter

One of the quickest and easiest ways to transform a bedroom is to clear out clutter. Clean, uncluttered space creates a sense of peace and relaxation, and decluttering can even be good for your health. If you’re hanging on to things you don’t especially care about, box them up for donation and let them go to someone who can use them. However, you don’t have to get rid of your possessions in order to declutter your room. Instead, find containers that fit under the bed or on a closet shelf. Alternatively, switch out open shelving and bookcases for cabinets with doors.

  1. Re-style The Furniture

Another simple way to spice up a bedroom is to move the furniture. If you need help figuring out a different room design, one place to start is the Chinese system of feng shui. According to the rules of feng shui, a bed should be placed on a solid wall and positioned so that you can see through the door while you’re lying in bed. Besides moving furniture around, you may also want to experiment with different night stands or shelving units that you already have or you can buy cheaply at a thrift store or garage sale. Add a new coat of paint to an old piece of furniture to make it look new again.

  1. Change The Colors

A simple coat of paint on a wall can completely transform a room, changing the overall ambience from calm and relaxing (think blues and greens) to warm and cosy (think earth tones) to elegant and luxurious (think whites and creams). If painting seems like too much effort, you can make smaller changes, like putting a new cover on the bed, hanging new curtains, or adding pops of colour in the form of throw pillows or decorative accents. For a quick fix, place a colourful bouquet of fresh flowers in the room to liven it up.

Redecorating your room is a wonderfully therapeutic form of self-care. With the simple tips above, you can transform your bedroom with a minimum amount of effort and expense.