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The benefit of having a security system installed in your home is the peace of mind it gives you. Of course, having security in your property doesn’t guarantee that the days of being a target for intruders are over but having it could make you that bit more content that you’ve done as much as you can to protect your property and those who live in it.

An intruder alarm is a great first line of defense but if you bring in a professional in to fit it for you it could end up being rather costly and a more complicated process than it needs to be.

These easy self-help guidelines in buying a home security system that you can install yourself should point you in the right direction:

Having home security fitted does not necessarily have to mean big expense. A simple basic motion sensor could cost you as little as $15.

  • The Movement Sensor – many of these include a static infrared motion sensor that works using silent electronic relays which are perfect for use in places that require less noise, such as libraries. These days there are even versions which have pet immunity built into them, which can be turned on or off depending on your requirements and is able to tell the difference between animals that weigh anything up to 36 kilograms and people. These are very easily fitted, they’re highly effective and not expensive at all.
  • The Interior Sounder -Yet another cheap but powerful option when it comes to your home alarm system. It comes with a siren which is extremely effective in making would-be thieves completely aware that your property is in fact protected.
  • The External Sounder – This is an excellent audio and visual obstacle for burglars and it stands to reason that the higher the level of sound coming from the device the more likely it is to scare away the unwanted intruder.

Everything mentioned above gives you a good starting point in securing your house but really just the beginning. If you want all-round complete security, the best investment you can make is to buy a multi-layer property alarm system.

  • The Access Control System – this device lets you recognize visitors coming to your home before entry, allows you to verify their identity before consenting to and authorizing access, and all with the added protection of them them being unable to see you. They’re not particularly expensive, with a one-way handset setting you back as little as $30.
  • CCTV or closed circuit television – To make the wiring of this gadget as easy as possible, the loft is your best bet for installation. There are, though, various models on the market, some of which are operated by battery for even easier installation. You’ll find a great many uses for CCTV both internally and outside the house, whether it’s for driveways, pathways, or gardens or even industrially for farms or office spaces.

Each of these products can be bought on a stand-alone basis or you could simply go for a full-on Do It Yourself home security system, which will contain everything you need to

make your house safer with the added benefit of not having to hire a registered professional.

  • The Total DIY Security Kit For The Home – This is really is the full package in every sense of the word. It’s packed full of added extras, making it an all-round security alarm solution and suitable for home and business use.

No one can deny how significant having security throughout your home is. While it’s not essential, it is the key to the protecting you and your family. However, being secure doesn’t have to cost the earth, a few small changes for very little money will still make a world of difference for everyone.

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