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Your bedroom is the most private and intimate part of your
home. This is the sole space where you can get alone with your thoughts, work
comfortably, rest sweetly and just be yourself.
This is the space where you can go all out and put your
personality in every inch of space left. Stack your artworks, hang your photos,
bring out your books and everything you own and can decorate it with. Ever
wanted to style and decorate your room gypsy way or bohemian vibe?
Live like Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac or be style
inspired by the gypsy chic Vanessa Hudgens. Get loose with your imagination and
just showcase your own self in the best part of the house — your bohemian
If you’re deeply into layers of patterns, eclectic style yet
has a romantic flair and exotic ambiance, boho style definitely is the perfect
way to illustrate your free-spirited self. Bring out the boho in you and stay
in a colorful and relaxing bedroom by following these bohemian decor ideas.

Photo source: Homedit

Forget the rules. Clear your mind off what you learned
and saw in the magazines or through online and take a breath of fresh air.
Bohemian style does not have any restrictions on rules with regards to your
design preferences. The concept is experimental, artistic, warm and
reinventive. There are no rules to limit the distance and dimension of your
imagination and creativity. Also, it does not have a specific period notion —
midcenturies, provincial and the likes. There are no trends and do’s and
don’ts. If you want to mix antiques with modern furnitures, go ahead. If you
want to dig deeper and truly immerse yourself in the concept, research and read
about bohemianism and the inspiring creative individuals that lived and
contributed to the style.

Mix prints and live in
When it comes
to patterns, textiles and prints, they’re usually bold and colorful. Mix different
prints which of course, should still compliment one another. By doing so, it is
a sure way to brighten up a room and give wonderful colors to it. Don’t stick
with a specific and generic color scheme, be experimentive. Forget about being
neutral and minimalistic instead, take risks with colors and don’t play safe.
Paint your walls in color which your mind and heart desires. 
Put your art on
previously stated, there are no rules and you are free to do whatever you may.
Just don’t leave a blank wall remain blank and dull otherwise you are leading
to the wrong path. If there’s one thing that would bring a bohemian vibe to a
room, it would be art. May it be abstract, minimalistic, photographs, clippings
from magazines, illustrations or under whichever category, there’s no excuse
not to hang it and display it. Remember, bohemianism is linked to those with
artistic characteristics such as musicians, photographers, artists, designers,
poets, writers, adventurers and wanderers. Your bedroom is where you can
appreciate yourself and your works as well. Even if it’s a private space,
forget the traditional notion that artworks should be left in public areas such
as your living room. Let yourself reflect and appreciate your own works
whenever you’re in your haven.
Display your vintage
and antique furnitures.
You don’t have to choose vintage and antique furnitures over modern ones
just to give emphasis to your boho preferences. Many beautiful and
breath-taking pieces of furnitures does not come in pairs or sets so it’s
perfectly fine to not match pieces at all. Besides, adding items that outweighs
design or price and more valuable makes the room more sentimental. Don’t be
afraid to put a modern piece of furniture or item beside your old furniture. An
up-to-date structured centerpiece place above an antique cabinet or storage
might just be a game-changer in your room.

Photo source: Marion Decore
Be free. The most important tip of all — be
yourself. After all, it is your own private space, isn’t it? Whatever you want
to put out there, don’t hesitate and worry on how people would think if ever
they see it. It’s your means of expressing yourself, accepting yourself and
embracing your whole entity. You see life as beautiful as your colorful and
bold as your textiles and you are free as a bird so you go live without limits.
Some people see bohemian style as messy, out of the ordinary
and overall confusing with regards to the number of patterns and hues of colors
you use and play with. While others, see it as a perfect haven — a place where
they are free to be themselves. Got any more boho styling tips to share with
us? Comment down below!
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tired of looking at open-house models and searching home decor and design
ideas. She also writes for Wincrest Homes, a company that builds
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