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Ursula’s incredible nanny of over 4 years is starring in a latest show on Cinemax which is known as (The Girls Guide to Depravity), from which comes the unforgettable line, “The best way to forget a man is simply by having a new one.” This line was a good reminder to me which amidst all the affairs of dating and relationships, as a residence analyst, I believe that the greatest way to keep up the relationship with your partner is by having a fantastic bedroom.

Bedrooms are indeed very essential part of our life. A bedroom is a place that supports your LOVE, not only for yourself but for others as well. So a bedroom must not be a short term boy or a chick magnet, it has to be a long term adore nest. Over the years I have taken a number of interviews on bedrooms, specifically around Valentine’s Day and I say this always that visiting any couple’s house and checking out their bedroom, clearly indicates as to whether the relationship was going to be off or on immediately. So bestow yourself a chance!

There are so many realities in life which we cannot control or improve immediately, but your bedroom is certainly not one of the your bedroom is more than only a place to rest our heads during night hours. The bedroom is a personal sanctuary which ought to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. If you are bored of waking up to insipid bedroom decoration and tired of sleeping on the same uncomfortable bed, endeavor any of the following bedroom makeover ideas. Surely it will help you making your bedroom more beautiful and comfortable. With a small effort, you can change the complete look of your bedroom, turn boring bedroom furnishings into a marvelous retreat.

Here are some tips to decorate your bedroom in a new way, follow them and add a new zest to your relation!!

Make it Grownup and Personal:

It means that your room must express YOU and your personality and have around and in it furniture, clothes, artwork and things that are intensely personal. Always remember that a bedroom with no real character and just all new furniture is not attractive at all.

Update your room furniture:

A new mattress, couple of nightstands or whole new bedroom furnishings can make your room feel totally new and fresh. Endeavor a low podium bed with toning nightstands for a modern, sleek look or a decent toboggan bed for a classic appearance. If a new bedroom frame or room furnishings cannot be included in the budget, revise your existing bed frame with any latest styled headboard. Make a new appearance using a rustic Adirondack headboard, feminine wrought-iron headboard or a functional storage headboard for your room furniture.
Investing in bedroom furniture surely works, but it really doesn’t mean that you have to invest so much money on redecorating your room, make a small budget and then decide what you can do to make your room more pretty and to strengthen your relation with your partner.
We human loves to see new things and we always appreciate the change since it’s in our nature. Be it anything; always remember new things bring in loads of positive energy to your life. Likewise, the new bedroom furniture will certainly originate energy that will help to promote positive energy in your life. It will not only improve your relation in a positive manner but also your partner will start taking more interest in you. Furniture always influences the energy in your home, but to keep it in a positive manner, select pieces which you love the most. However, if you are shopping second hand or vintage, make sure to vigorously clean your items. Also avoid storing any items beneath your bed; it is not really a good juju.
Furniture placement is another important factor in attracting the positive energy you need. Avoid overcrowding and clutter accessories and furniture while redecorating your room. The room should have some space so that energy can flow. Also be mindful while selecting the colors for bedroom furniture. Moreover, since the bed is the featured component of the room. If your bedcovers are making your bed more of monstrosity than a central point, so now it is time to change your bedding. Revising your bedding might look like a very small modification, but don’t underestimate it because it can give your
room a complete new appearance. You can also add some throw pillow, preferably in exotic prints or vibrant colors to give your bed a stylish and designer appearance.

Window treatments:

Deluxe fabric makes your bedroom inviting and warm. New window treatment with luxurious fabrics can lend a very softening factor to your bedroom’s decoration. Floor-to ceiling, heavy blinds with tie backs and beautiful layers will give off your bedroom the royal look of a lush suite. However, if your bedroom has small windows, you can expand them visually by just expanding your window treatments further than the existing window frame for a bigger than life opulence.

Set up a small sitting area in your bedroom:

Bestow yourself a nook to kick back or special little spot when you wish to relax in your room with an interesting novel. Look for a corner for a chaise lounge or an overstuffed chair. Swathe an afghan on it and set a small table next to it to keep a cup of coffee or tea. Set up a beautiful lamp within its reach to provide a cool light for any chore you may like to enjoy doing there.

Good Lighting is very important

Make sure that your bedroom must at least contains 3 points of light, which are typically 2 reading lamps on side tables and one is usually placed opposite in between the chairs in your room, like any deluxe suite setting.

Keep it all soothing and soft to The Touch

Everyone wishes to consider the senses when they are in the room and trust me smoothness of touch is really a huge one. A warm and fluffy touch rug beneath your feet, fine, high quality lovely bedding beneath your body, a dry, crisp extra-large towel to wrap her or him up in will certainly take you very far.

Candles Do Work

Candles always hold a romantic and dreamy connotation.  The light that candles cast is the warmest
and softest. Every person appears good in candlelight. Get some scented candles for your room and lit them often when you are feeling romantic; though, it doubles the essence of romance.

Mirrors look attractive

– a beautifully framed large wall mirror or standing mirror which lets you to check out yourselves, when you are all ready for party, is very inspiring or stimulating and can take you both to new elevations.
Don’t Forget It, Cleaning Is Sexy, Even if you do NOTHING else, just be sure that your
bedroom is all neat and clean. This is mainly the first thing that your partner senses, unconsciously or consciously, when they step into the room and is the major turn off, even if all the other things are perfectly fine. So keep your clothes away and folded, the floor should be vacuumed, beneath the bed as well and all your exteriors clean and tidy.
Try it all and surely you wouldn’t regret !!
Guest Author – Ali Jan Qadir is a
regular contributor at a  blog www.thebest-mattress.org/ where he writes reviews and gives views such as mattress reviews for back pain. If you want to learn more about him visit his twitter profile @alijanness.