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Nature brings calm in an otherwise world of dizzying pace. We take with us our country style gardens wherever we go. Add to that a garden windmill and the picture becomes perfect beyond words.

Plant a few roses, some creepers, and vines, some aloe and medicinal plants and then bring home a windmill garden ornament and witness the beauty of it all combined.

Make your garden a safe haven for the kids, and a keeper of all your moments of solace by simply adding a garden ornament decor piece in your country style garden. The largest home windmill should be 8 feet tall and will cost $140. It will be noiseless with a wheel of the diameter of 22 inches.

If you have a huge farm and are planning to turn it into a party stop for all important functions and gatherings then buy a Ornamental Garden Windmill of around 24 inches diameter, and 11 inches* 75inches size. These come in bronze which is sturdy and it comes in various colors. The defining feature of some of these windmills is that they act as a solar panel, and comes equipped with a LED light for every petal. The panel absorbs heat all day, and at night when you are having a party then your windmill becomes a flower of light and to top it all your windmill spins and makes a cascade of beautiful patterns which will delight the hardest of hearts. All this for $130.

If you want a smaller size of around 60cm*60 cm then you can buy very artistic ones in various rainbow colors and of butterfly or bumble bee shapes. These will cost you $5 only. Many of these strewn around, woven with flowering plants and grasses make your home and farm your favorite hide out and an envy for the neighbors.

If it is your small home garden and the benefit you want is just for this windmill to act as a welcome sign that there are basic windmills for that. For around $30 you get a windmill with an arrow that keeps spinning with the movement of the wind, and a rooster design to remind one that country life after all has now got never before charm, and this can become a statement piece with enchanting patterns formed by the wind.

No need to worry about assembling. It takes no more than half an hour. Shipping from major sites takes place through international well known couriers, and the order gets free shipping in almost all cases. Cheers!