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Pest infestations can be difficult to detect (especially when some insects are hard to see with the naked eye) and can be made worse and spread throughout your home without even knowing about it. Once a pest has made your home it’s new nesting place, getting rid of them is going to be a challenge.

So when it comes to having pests in your home, furniture is going to be a big concern. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as pest resistant furnishings. But understanding the advantages of having different types of materials in your home can minimise the risk of encouraging pests.

Here are the strengths of some popular types of furnishing materials that you may want to consider when buying new furniture.

  • Wood – Having wood furnishings could include solid wood, veneer, composites and laminates. In general, the smoother the surface of the wood, the more resistant it will be to pests. Wood is not an attractant of most pests, but rodents and other bugs will try to chew on it. However, try not to opt for porous or unfinished looking wood for your furnishings. The holes provide perfect hiding places for pests. Having a smooth and scratch resistant, lacquered piece of solid wood as part of your furnishings will work well in a pest prevention routine.
  • Metal – Metal is popular in modern homes as a choice of furnishing material. Metal is also very resistant to pests, but remember it still has joints, bends and weld points where pests may be able to hide. Another advantage of having metal furnishings is that they are resistant to a lot of damage, and can be washed clean after any sort of pest treatment.
  • Plastic –Having moulded plastic furnishings offer a smooth surface that resists pests. There are fewer joints than in wood or metal furniture too, so there’s less chance of pests finding hiding places in the furnishings.

Although choosing the right materials for your home furnishings goes a long way in preventing pests, you are still at risk of a pest infestation at any time. If you do experience the signs of pests around your home, talk to a professional pest control expert immediately. For those of you in the London area, Catch-it Pest Control are a reliable team of technicians who can take care of the problem for you.