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Great gardening demands an amazing greenhouse. Along with composting, planting in a greenhouse is one of the best decisions you can make regarding your backyard garden. A WeatherPort™ backyard greenhouse provides gardening enthusiasts with many more growing advantages when compared to typical greenhouse kits bought at box stores.

Advantages of Using A Greenhouse

As any experienced gardener will tell you, there are many advantages for having a greenhouse to assist with creating the perfect greenery for your yard. Greenhouses help you create lush beds of flowers, grow tasty and healthy produce, or enjoy year-round gardening, right from the comfort of your backyard!

In general, greenhouses provide the following benefits.

Longer Growing Seasons

Even in cold climates, a greenhouse can extend your growing season. Plant starts earlier in the year, so you have bigger and more mature plants when the cold throws of Winter give way to the warmer weather of Spring! Greenhouses work by trapping heat inside, helping to keeping temperatures adequate for growing plants earlier and later in the year!

Grow Exotic Plants

Greenhouses allow you to grow plants that wouldn’t naturally survive in your climate. If you live in Washington State, grow periwinkle and purslanes to your heart’s content. If you live in Arizona, plant all of the poppies, primroses, and begonias you could hope for.

Garden in Any Weather

In a greenhouse, you don’t have to worry about drowning plants that only need a sip of water, should Mother Nature decide to make it rain for two weeks straight. Greenhouses do a good job of creating a more comfortable growing environment for plants, veggies, fruits, and flowers.

Keep Out Unwelcome Guests

Deer, rabbits, squirrels, and anything else that would love nothing more than to chomp on your tomatoes will have to find a meal somewhere else — greenhouses work great to keep them all out. Less pests also means less or eliminating the need for pesticides!

Keep Helpful Insects Inside

Some pests, such as aphids, are too small to stop easily. They slip through when you go in to tend to the garden or easily pass through screen windows. Keeping a number of ladybugs inside of your greenhouse, however, can keep aphid populations in check. In the same way that you can keep bigger pests out of the greenhouse, a greenhouse works great to trap helpful insects inside.

Grow Your Own Food

When you’ve grown it yourself, it just tastes better! Growing your own food helps you to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables grown in your garden or inside your greenhouse can be allowed to fully ripen before eating. This results in better flavors and more nutrition versus buying produce that is picked early and artificially ripened. Greenhouses allow to have peace of mind knowing your family can enjoy the health benefits of organic non-gmo vegetables grown without the use of fertilizers or harmful pesticides.

Choosing The Best Greenhouse

Not all greenhouses are created equal. Greenhouse kits purchased at your local hardware or gardening store are mass produced – mostly overseas, to be sold at a relatively low-cost point, are not designed for rapid or easy setup, are made from low quality materials and flimsy poles for small packaging so they can fit more greenhouses on a store shelf and will rarely last more than a single growing season.

At the other end of the spectrum are gardeners that have made the mistake of buying a cheap greenhouse kit and have not been pleased with the results, or gardeners that understand the benefits of investing in a quality greenhouse structure. So how do you choose the best greenhouse?

When it comes to quality greenhouses, none offer a greater number of benefits like the custom designed greenhouses from WeatherPort! Since opening their doors in 1968, WeatherPort has produced engineered fabric structures and greenhouse structures in the United States. The high quality membrane structures have been used in more than 65 countries around the world. The reliability, durability, and ease of setup of WeatherPort greenhouses are just a few of the benefits over typical greenhouse kits.

Here are the unique benefits that come exclusively with choosing the best greenhouses from WeatherPort!

Unmatched Greenhouse Durability. Engineered for Safety.

When it comes to durability and quality, greenhouse structures from WeatherPort are well known for providing both. Our custom designed greenhouses are engineered to the same specifications and durability standards, using the highest quality materials, as all of our other fabric structures. Greenhouse systems from WeatherPort are designed and engineered to meet local and international building codes for safety. Whether you’re gardening in rural Pennsylvania or building a rooftop greenhouse in New York City, it will take more than a nor’easter to threaten your garden.

Greenhouse structures from WeatherPort use a proprietary blend of materials to create the longest lasting architectural membranes. Unlike tarps, clear plastic, and other flimsy greenhouse covers made of polyethylene or PVC, our tensioned fabric membranes are engineered to resist extreme solar loads and UV exposure, will not rot, are mold and mildew resistant, offer a greater abrasion resistance than fabric covers from other manufacturers, and exceeds the fire safety requirements outlined in the California Code of Regulations for membrane structures.

Minimal Foundation. Setup your Greenhouse Anywhere!

Greenhouse structures from WeatherPort have minimal foundation requirements. This allows our greenhouses to be setup and anchored to virtually any level surface. Quickly turn an area of dirt, sand, or gravel, or if you have an area with a concrete slab, footer, or asphalt – into a gardener’s paradise with a greenhouse from WeatherPort!

Spend Less Time Installing Your Greenhouse and More Time Gardening!

Unlike greenhouse kits from other manufacturers that take days to setup, a similar sized greenhouse structure from WeatherPort can be setup in a matter of a couple hours, by individuals with little or no previous experience. Color coded pieces, easy to follow instructions, and minimal tool requirement make for an easy greenhouse setup. Enjoy less time setting up and more time gardening with a WeatherPort greenhouse!

Custom Design A Greenhouse!

There are only a handful of companies that allow you to custom design a backyard greenhouse. And only one company that uses engineered fabric structures designed for a quick and easy setup, portability, and long-lasting durability. So, when the time comes to turn your greenhouse dreams into a reality, let us help you custom design a greenhouse!

Our friendly greenhouse specialists will guide you thru the process by discussing greenhouse sizes, building codes, and choosing from the largest selection of options to create a truly one-of-a-kind greenhouse system that will perfectly match your gardening needs.

Create the Perfect Growing Environment with Optional Temperature and Humidity Controls!

WeatherPort has 50 years of proven experience designing and producing the highest quality greenhouse structures available. Our greenhouse solutions can be equipped with a large selection of automated systems for helping you to create and maintain the perfect growing environment. Choose from temperature and humidity controls, fans, and plug-and-play electrical systems.

Once Setup WeatherPort Greenhouses are Virtually Maintenance Free.

Spend less time repairing or maintaining your greenhouse, and more time gardening! A quality greenhouse from WeatherPort, once setup, is virtually maintenance free. Compared to the ongoing and costly upkeep for fiberglass greenhouses and glass greenhouses, a WeatherPort greenhouse will allow you to do what you love best – get your hands dirty and focus on gardening!

Plants Love Our Greenhouses!

Not all light is beneficial for plant growth. Greenhouses with clear plastic covers can damage plants by creating a ‘magnifying glass’ effect. WeatherPort greenhouses employ a translucent fabric, engineered to diffuse sunlight and block harmful UV rays. This provides plants with a “soft” light for creating the best possible growing conditions.

Permanent Greenhouses or Seasonal Greenhouses!

Greenhouse structures from WeatherPort are designed for portability. The ability to quickly setup and take down makes them the perfect high-quality growing solution for seasonal greenhouses. Or create a permanent greenhouse and enjoy year-round growing. WeatherPort greenhouse structures are designed and engineered for durability, providing decades of wonderful growing and gardening adventures!

Green Thumbs Up for WeatherPort Greenhouses!

Whether you are a first-time gardener looking to experience growing a large selection of fruits and veggies, an experienced gardener looking to create beautiful flower arrangements for selling at a local farmers market, or a seasoned gardener looking for an environmentally friendly greenhouse solution capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions for year-round growing – a custom designed greenhouse structure from WeatherPort will make the perfect growing companion.

Call (970) 399-5909 to discuss and design a greenhouse today! Or visit WeatherPort’s website by clicking here.