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A patio with a heater
Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kmaraj/6336778988

Many people spend a great deal of time and money making their back yards and gardens every bit as beautiful as the interior of their homes. It seems a pity therefore, that for those who live in colder parts of the world, it is only possible to enjoy these outdoor areas for a few months every year, when the hemisphere in which they are located is tilted
toward the sun
. If you are faced with this issue but are prepared to invest a little more cash in outdoor heating equipment, it might be possible to enjoy your garden on a year round basis without ruining the ambience that you have worked so hard to create. Read the following step-by-step guide to learn how you can transform your patio or decking into an attractive leisure area for all seasons.

1. Research – Take a look at the latest exterior heaters for sale online and make a note of the dimensions of those that appear to meet your needs as far as output, initial investment and ongoing running cost are concerned. You will need to know the exact measurements of the units that you propose to buy in order to complete the next step, which is concerned with planning a new layout, or modifying the existing one, to accommodate your new heating equipment.

2. Planning – some people are concerned that installing exterior heating units around a patio or deck will make it look more like an industrial park than a residential garden, but this does not have to be the case. It is possible to buy very discreet outdoor heaters in most parts of the world nowadays and if you put some thought into the layout of your garden, you should be able to install them in areas where they are hardly noticeable. If you have a covered patio or deck, there are units that can be affixed to the underside of the roof, where they will be almost invisible to the casual observer. Whist aesthetics are of course important, you should also make sure that the locations you choose are not dangerous in any way and will allow the heat produced from each unit to radiate across the space in question, keeping it nice and warm.

3. Installation – if you are at all concerned about your ability to safely install the equipment you buy, I recommend hiring a qualified and experienced professional to carry out the work on your behalf. On the other hand, if you are a keen DIY enthusiast and the installation of the units you have purchased can be completed without any alterations to your existing home
electrical circuits
, there is no reason why you should not attempt to do the work yourself. The majority of exterior heating solutions on the market are relatively simple to install and each unit that you purchase should come with detailed instructions.

4. Maintenance – whilst in an ideal world, everything we bought for our homes would simply continue to work for years without any effort on our parts; this is unfortunately hardly ever the case in real life. If you want to make sure that the outdoor area you have created remains a nice place in which to spend time all year round, you should be prepared to look after the heaters that you buy and ensure that the whole area is kept as clean as possible. Gas units will need to be refilled on occasion and all types of heaters should be kept free of debris to make sure that they continue to operate at maximum efficiency for many years. If you wish to wipe the heating elements of electrical units, to remove bugs that have flown into them during the summer, make sure that you unplug them from the mains first.

It is not difficult to create an outdoor area that you and your family can enjoy in all seasons, but you will need to put some effort into the project if you want to avoid spoiling the ambience or spending too much money in the process. Take your time when choosing which heaters to buy and think carefully about where you are going to put them and how easy they will be to maintain.