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If you just happened to move into your house and love
everything except the dated colour that adorns your kitchen cabinets, what are
your options? I mean really, besides learning to live with them or painting
them, the only other option is a kitchen
remodeling project
– and that means more money spent to get the home you’ve
dreamed of. While replacing cabinetry can become costly, don’t be fooled by the
seemingly simplistic alternative of repainting your existing fixtures to
elevate your kitchen; as many homeowners can attest, repainting cabinets can be
unexpected money sink in its own right.

Whether cash is tight (and it probably is, if you just
bought a house) or not, you’re probably not ready to break the bank on a home
improvement project purely for the sake of enhancing the aesthetic of a room –
at least, not without considering all the variables (and rightfully so).

Painting Only Addresses One Issue

If your house is a few years old, it’s not going to be
showroom perfect – and that’s okay. The imperfections that make up any home
become part of its character. If your plan is to merely repaint your existing
cabinetry, there is no doubt that you’ll succeed in giving your kitchen a much
needed facelift, but you might want to consider the state of the cabinets before
reaching for those colour swatches.
If each and every frame is structurally sound and all the
doors close and open properly, a decent paint job can make your existing
cabinetry look as good as new. If however any of the frames seem warped, lose,
or show any other signs of degradation, it’s only a matter of time before the
cabinets will need replacing; and if that’s the case, the added expense of
repainting cannot be justified.
Depending on the size of the kitchen, number of cabinets,
and the type of paint (among other things) repainting
your cabinets
could cost anywhere between $300 and $800; and while that
doesn’t seem too steep, this is the DIY cost. It’s safe to say that if you’ve
never undertaken a project like this before, you should also probably set a few
extra bucks aside for cleanup – because there will be cleanup.

Examine Your Kitchen – What Other Improvements Are You Considering?

Does the backsplash or countertop need replacing? What about
lighting fixtures? If there are multiple projects that need to be undertaken in
your kitchen, it would be wise to consider the bigger picture. After all, it
would be a shame to drop $800 to repaint a portion of your kitchen today, only
to consider replacing the backsplash or countertop in a couple of years. There
are a couple of inherent problems with repainting cabinetry in the greater
scheme of kitchen upgrades:
●      If
you don’t upgrade the cabinetry, it may limit your style choices when updating
your countertop or tile work
●      In
some cases, a paint job is merely a Band-Aid solution. Many homeowners who opt
to paint in lieu of replacing
their cabinets
eventually decide to update their cabinetry just a few years
down the road

Hiring a Professional

Hiring a professional to repaint your cabinetry will ensure
a certain degree of quality. The work will be done quickly, and in all
likelihood, it will look great. Unfortunately, hiring a professional to paint
your existing fixtures can be costly. While there is nothing wrong with hiring
a professional to do the work for you, do a quick comparison on what it costs –
you might be surprised by what you find.

Be Warned – Paint Will Not Hide Damage

It’s important to remember that paint can only do so much to
hide damage to drawers and cabinet doors. If your hope is that a fresh coat of
paint will hide gouges and other imperfections, you’re as likely as not to be
disappointed; in some instances, certain colours can actually accentuate cracks
and pitting in the wood – clearly in this case, painting will provide the
opposite to the desired effect.

Still Going To Paint? Why Not Go White?

If after it’s all said and done you still opt to paint your
cabinet doors rather than replace them, there is no better starting point than
going white. White is clean, sophisticated, and bright – all characteristics
you want people to associate with your kitchen. White paint is also very easy
to paint over so when the time comes to update your kitchen, painting over it
will be a snap.