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When it comes to a home exterior cladding, there’s a lot more to it than just providing aesthetic appeal, some siding materials come better than others in terms of protecting and insulating a home. Some of the best siding materials you can choose are aluminum siding and vinyl, but which among the two is better? There are several factors you need to consider while choosing a siding material, such as your location, and the toughest weather conditions in that area. You want to have siding that not only looks good for a long time but one that will keep your house safe and comfortable throughout the year.

Aluminum vs. vinyl in terms of durability

Durability is one of the most important aspects of an exterior siding material. Both vinyl and aluminum siding have good durability quality but when you place both of them side to sign vinyl wins. You see both the materials are resistant to exposure and where but aluminum is prone to scratching and denting. On the other hand, vinyl is stronger and usually thicker than aluminum.

Aluminum vs. vinyl in terms of affordability

There is minimal difference between the costs of both materials. Aluminum siding is cheaper than vinyl and for a good reason. You see, vinyl siding has better cost recovery and increases in value better than aluminum. Aluminum is usually prone to damages, and hence it can hurt the value of your home over time. When it comes to cost and affordability, vinyl comes up on top because it is a better investment than aluminum. However if you are more concerned about the upfront costs, then aluminum is more affordable. Of course, keep in mind that you will get exactly what you pay for.

Aluminum vs. vinyl in terms of energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is also very important because your exterior cladding must be able to keep cooled and heated air in your home .in this category vinyl comes on top as well because other metal doesn’t perform too well in extreme weather. For instance, it tends to absorb heat during summer, and the house becomes too hot and you need to use your air conditioner frequently in order to stay cool. In addition to that, there is a very high chance that aluminum will be damaged and it will lead to cracks, holes, and leaks that will lead to loss of energy. On the other hand, vinyl is resistant to warping, and cracking.

Aluminum vs. vinyl in terms of maintenance

Maintenance is also important when choosing a siding material for your home because what you need is a material that requires minimum work and you won’t have to worry about repairs or touchups. The problem with aluminum is that it can be dented very easily and will need repairing or even replacing after some time. On top of that, aluminum is also prone to fading ideal age to repaint it on a regular basis, on the other hand vinyl doesn’t fade because its colors are baked-in in the manufacturing process and it will look as good as new after many years. The only maintaining you have to do on vinyl is giving it a good cleaning every now and then.

Aluminum vs. vinyl in terms of variety

Aluminum siding has advanced a lot through the years but it still doesn’t come with very high aesthetic appeal. This is because it still has this metallic appearance. However, when it comes to vinyl, the variety is extensive, going from vertical to standard, Dutch lap, scalloped, and so much more. With vinyl, you even have an option to have ‘ship style siding’ that will  resemble wood siding.