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The world celebrated International
Women’s Day on 8th March. That was on a Sunday, the day when all the men out
there, suddenly realized it was time to thank ‘her’ for the hard work she
undertakes to make her man’s day special everyday. 

But hey! Wait a minute. Your woman never stops trying to
make each and everyday special for you, when she steps into the kitchen to
prepare your breakfast. She just does it so that you can get ready for your
office on time. So, when she can do all the hard work just for you, what have
you done for her this International Women’s Day? Anything special other than
buying her a bouquet or a piece of jewelry? If not, why not? But fret not,
because only a single day is not enough to define the power of a woman, and the
care, the love and the strength that your woman brings with her. If you have
missed out on the Women’s Day, there is nothing to worry because everyday is a
women’s day! And you can surprise her any day, by making her wish come true.
Well, only a man can know what
interests his lady the most, but if she enjoys spending her time in the kitchen
and trying out preparing different dishes, then why not surprise her by
completely renovating her working place? It would be a great surprise for her
to see how much her man pays attention to every little detail about her. A lady
loves it, trust me on that!
Make her feel like the top chef of the kitchen, by making it
look modern and well organized with larger space accommodation, so that she can
work freely and more enthusiastically.
When it comes to room decoration, you need to maintain a
balance between what is classic and what is trendy. Take a look at some of
these trending
kitchen design suggestions
if you want some help:
#1- Give A Face-lift To
Your Kitchen With New Color Ideas
White color could be the safest one for any kitchen that you
want to make appear orderly, simple and clean. But do you know, colors give
your kitchen a powerful face-lift, by highlighting every architectural detail
and completely transforming the look and feel of an outdated cabinetry. A
refreshingly bright blue color could turn out to be a delightful mood elevator
for anyone who enters the kitchen. Red is also a very powerful color and you
can try this out for your kitchen walls, in case you are a party animal who
seldom throws a party in the house. About 50% of kitchen walls are usually
covered with cabinets, so there is nothing to fret about having to take an
entire day to paint your kitchen.
#2- Go For Colored
Cabinets To Prep Up Your Kitchen Look
Sometimes a kitchen contains old cabinetries that spoil the
entire look even if you have painted your walls new. Time to replace them with
new, modern metal kitchen cabinets.
Metallic color is in trend this 2015 and can transform the entire look and feel
of a tired looking kitchen space. They are sturdy and modern to look at, along
with providing proper storage space. While white and metallic looks are more
popular choice now, you can also try out colored metal kitchen cabinets that
are out in the market if you want to match up with the paint on the walls of
your kitchen.
#3- Change Your Kitchen
Sometimes concentrating on little details can create an
overall visual appeal. You can try out adding metal colored fixtures like
handles, knobs, towel rings and faucets. Stainless and metal colors are very
much in trend now. These are warm colors and can provide an inviting glow to
the entire kitchen.
#4- Try Harmonizing The
Look Of Your Kitchen And Other Rooms
Your kitchen decoration should be in proper harmony with
other room decoration. If your kitchen is positioned, facing your living room,
then make sure both the rooms are consistent with each other. This is because
when people gather up in your living room, they would get to see everything
happening inside your kitchen room. You can try keeping the color of your
kitchen room walls in sync with the color of your living room. If not, try
incorporating key elements like rugs and art works that will help to harmonize
the color palettes.
Did any of these inspire you? Go ahead and apply them in
your kitchen project plan to surprise her with an amazing kitchen look now!