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Home decor is not just about arranging stuff in your home to make it look nice. It’s also about giving meaning to your living space by carefully crafting and curating those pieces that evoke a feeling, sentiment or memory. Apart from functionality, your home décor should also give a sense of your personality, style and tastes.

Are you drawn to the rustic charm of country style décor?  Farmhouse decor is about maintaining stability between the old and new, cozy and comfortable, and warmth and simplicity. It marries natural materials, textures and colors into your home décor to offer a comforting, aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic design solution. It also gives your home lots of character.

While there is no end to the number of ways you can give your home a farmhouse makeover, here are some tips that to help you kick-start the brainstorming process.

Instead of vibrant or dark colors for your walls, why not go for more a neutral color palette. Using too many colors can make your place look overly busy and distracting. To achieve that country-inspired farmhouse look, choose lighter colors like white, off-white, cream, ivory, tan or beige.

Choose a color palette that makes sense or choose one color and implement similar shades of the same color in every room. This simple step will help create a cohesive look that will blend throughout your home and bring your overall design style as well as your décor pieces together in a simple yet stunning and impactful way.

The best tips and ideas for vintage decor for the modern home.

Next up, try using metal wire baskets as an easy and amazing way to bring that farmhouse feel to your house. By incorporating metal materials with the softness of your home décor, you can truly achieve that farmhouse flair.

Simply add a large wire basket in your living room as a storage mechanism for throw pillows and blankets. The combination of the rigid metal from the basket and the comforting and coziness of your pillows, throw blankets and overall ambiance of your living room nails down the farmhouse style.

The best tips and ideas for vintage decor for the modern home.

Next up is lighting. Why not introduce a caged style lighting fixture with an Edison bulb into your décor needs. The raw, exposed bulb and surrounding metal framework creates interesting lighting that is alluring and captivating. With the flip of a switch you can drastically add a new, charming and distinct feel to your home.

Rustic is in all the rage these days! From country-inspired washrooms, living rooms and kitchens, rustic décor can add wonders to any room in your home.

The Vintage Charisma

If you really want to bring the farmhouse style of décor to your home, vintage décor can immensely help you add that nostalgic character to your house. However, the most important thing is to be able to maintain a proper balance between old and new elements.

The best tips and ideas for vintage decor for the modern home.

It will take some time to get things right. So don’t worry about bringing every antique artifact home for your house. Let it come naturally. Incorporate items that suit your style, but are also functional. Simplicity can go a long way; and remember, less is more!