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The amount of light present in your living space can have many effects on your mood and mental state. The goal of many people is to enjoy a bright, positive living space. Achieving this goal can be difficult unless you use some simple, but clever tricks.

Pick the Right Curtains

Curtains are the giver and taker of light in your home. Paired with blinds, curtains possess the ability to completely blanket your room in darkness or to invite the complete spectrum of sunlight to light up your room. If your living space has been feeling cramped recently, giving your curtains an upgrade will work wonders to open your living space and bring in more light. Curtains that are made of a sheer fabric or are made entirely of lace are the best options for your windows if you wish to increase the amount of sunlight in your room.

Window Replacement

Windows can become cloudy and damaged throughout the years. This natural wear and tear on the clear, smooth surface of your windows can cause a reduction in light that enters your home. If you’ve noticed that your windows are becoming dull and creating an atmosphere of dampened light in your home, it’s probably time to consider replacement windows. Window replacements are affordable and can be done in a single day, depending on the size of the job. You can even replace your windows a few at a time to fit the home improvement project into your budget.

Light Placement

Sunlight can only do so much in regards of lightening up your room. Lamps are a great way to light up a room during both the daytime and nighttime hours. Sometimes, though, even the soft glow of a table lamp isn’t enough to light up your room. Consider adding extra lamps to your living space. Dark corners are the best spots to place extra table lamps. When dark corners are brightened with lamplight, the room feels more open and brighter.

Wall Color

The color of your walls can also increase or reduce the amount of light that you perceive in your living space. Altering the color of your living space will require you to spend a laborious amount of time painting your walls, so this is a more extreme measure that should be thoroughly planned and carefully executed.

When making your decision regarding the type of bulbs to place in your lamps, choose to invest in LED bulbs. They require less electricity and produce a greater amount of light and have a longer life span than incandescent bulbs.