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Micro-organisms can gather just about anywhere, especially in buildings and bacterial growth might go unnoticed for a while, which can have a negative effect on your health and modern advancement has enabled state of the art anti-bacterial coatings that are guaranteed to keep mould and algae away. Whether your home or your office, applying an anti-bacterial coating will ensure that germs and viruses have nowhere to stay and the special surface is very easy to keep clean.

Surface Hygiene

We have made a lot of progress in developing anti-bacterial coatings that keep surfaces clean and germ free and wherever you happen to live in the UK, bacteria are never far away. Damp, dark corners are breeding grounds for many forms of bacteria and once you have decorated a room, applying an extra coat of anti-bacterial coating will ensure the very best in hygiene. For those who live in the UK, Global Hygiene Services anti mould products are available online and with a range of other products that include anti mould exterior treatments, they have everything you need to ensure your home or office is always germ free.

Scientifically Tested

The latest generation of anti-bacteria coatings have been scientifically tested to very high standards these products exceed European Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) 512/2012, which is a globally recognised benchmark of the highest level.

Exterior Algae Solutions

Stone, blocks and concrete are all prone to algae build up, yet there are products available today that protect all exterior surfaces from the harmful effects of the elements. It works by creating a wax barrier that algae simply cannot adhere to and this wax is impregnated onto the surface, ensuring that algae has no foothold in which to develop. Driveways, walls, paths and any exterior surface can be treated, even timber decking.

Environmentally Friendly

Great care has been taken to ensure that these products are eco-friendly by using tried and tested products that are guaranteed to be safe for all life forms. This type of coating is designed for the cold and damp European climate and a single application will ensure that your surfaces are protected, regardless of the weather.

Safety First

Algae build up causes very slippery surfaces, which you find on driveways and paths and this can be extremely dangerous. It doesn’t take long for algae to take hold, especially in a cold and damp climate like we have in the UK and if you would like to protect your interior and exterior surfaces, the latest generation of anti-bacterial coatings are more than adequate.

Online Solutions

There’s no need to search builders merchants in your area when looking for anti-bacterial coatings, as an online search is all it takes to locate an online supplier, and with a wide range of quality products to choose from, you will no longer have to endure damp and slippery surfaces in your home.