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First impressions are essential, and often
lasting. Many commercial spaces tend to err on the side of caution, and their
design can sometimes be a tad boring. Discover some of the world’s finest
examples of striking design in a commercial setting.
Alexander Wang may be renounced for the
fashion power house’s incredible clothing lines, but did you know that
designers at Alexander Wang had a vital role in the design of their Tokyo
space? It is stylish throughout with recessed LEDs on the black marble facade
inviting you into a space filled with marble walls, statement rugs, pedestals
and custom furnishings.
The Burj Al Arab hotel has long been lauded
as a huge achievement in architectural design, with the distinctive sail-shaped
silhouette of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah has become a symbol of modern Dubai. The
hotel’s futuristic lobby is widely acclaimed, housed inside the massive atrium,
it features stunning colours which sooth and relax.
Public Buildings are renounced for their
humdrum styling, but that isn’t the case with the ‘Graz Tourismus information
center’. This tourist office lies within the former cannon room of
Landeszeughaus, Graz’s historical armoury built in 1644. This historical space
is modernised with four lacquered MDF “stones” which double as
display cases for museum information and merchandise.
To discover more incredibly striking
commercial spaces like these read this infographic, by Pennywell Solid
, which showcases some of the world’s most incredible commercial
spaces, demonstrating that just because a space is commercial does not mean it
has to be boring!