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Most of the people are wondering to make a garage door nearby their houses to maintain security. The major confusion regarding this decision is whether to go for manual or automatic door. Constructing a garage door home is not an easy task. It takes a lot of technical requirements and certain steps to be followed for getting a perfect garage door for safety of your home. You can also contact the garage door company in Ottawa for best garage door services at your doorstep. The technical specialists are available 24/7 for taking your consideration about garage doors. The foremost thing to be considered about automatic garage door is that it can only be installed by technical professionals whereas in case of manual door can be installed with the help of local technicians. However in most cases people prefer automatic neighborhood garage doors as they have modern design and look more attractive to eyes.

So here in this article we have described some specific factors to be keeping in mind while choosing between automated garage door and manual garage door. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of automatic garage door and manual garage door. Let’s discuss:


As stated above, for installing the garage door you need to choose between automatic and manual doors. Automatic door requires professional management while on the other side manual could be constructed with local technicians. After installation, the maintenance of automatic door requires utmost care and high cost as they are delicate. The manual doors do not need any such care and cost.

Environmental factors

The weather conditions differ from month to month. In the months of December and January, the weather tends to change from hot to cold, rainy to sunny. In terms of weather the automatic garage doors are resistant to changing weather conditions. However, in some situations, the appearance of the door night affects a bit due to the chemicals and type of door material. The manual neighborhood garage doors needs to be prevented from damages caused by heat and termites with proper maintenance. So automatic garage doors are better in comparison to manual garage door for safety purpose and for its newly constructed features.

Door control

The main reason behind the preference of automatic garage door by homeowners is that it has the ability to easily manipulate the garage door. On the other hand, manual door do not provides any such convenience. You have to yourself manually open the door and get into car to park it in garage. After that again step out of car and close the door.

Another most important factor in door control is that in case of emergency situations like garage door goes off track, does not work in accordance with sensors. The automated door cannot be managed by own. You will need a professional garage door company to fix the issue while manual doors could be managed by making certain amendments which you can do by yourself or can hire a local technician.


Beauty attracts the buyers. There isn’t any doubt in the fact that we all get influenced by aesthetic appeal of any garage door. Many people often prefer automatic garage door over manual doors because of its modern beautiful designs irrespective of its built. However, one should always keep consideration of quality and security while choosing for the type of neighborhood garage door.

Cost of installation and maintenance

Another factor that influences the decision of choosing between automatic and manual garage door is the cost involved in the maintenance of these doors. The automatic door requires higher cost as compared to manual doors that needs a low cost. This is because it takes professionals help to deal with the automatic garage door and the tools used in their installation are also high priced. But in manual door the maintenance can be made with the help of local technician and the tools required are also wooden and can be easily brought.


So as you know that garage door installation is only done once and you should be very careful regarding the decision of choosing automatic and manual garage door. It only requires efficient time and cost to choose the most suitable kind of garage door services for your home.