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A backyard shed is a wonderful addition to any home; however, with such a vast array of sheds to choose from, picking the perfect fit for your backyard and your needs can be quite difficult. A shed is an investment into the future and it can serve a multitude of needs, whether as a storage space for your pool supplies and gardening tools, or a place to pack up all of your kids’ outdoor toys.

The possibilities are numerous, and there are several key factors that will determine the type of shed you need and several key features you should look for when planning your new unit. Here is how you can make the most cost-effective decision and build yourself a perfect backyard shed.

Choose your type

A shed can serve a multitude of purposes, yet not all sheds were created equal. If you choose a specific design and in the future decide that you need more space, it can be quite expensive to expand the frame or tear it down to make place for a new one. Prudency is key.

That is why you want to plan well in advance and take all of the relevant factors into consideration. Do you need a simple tool shed or a place to store your gardening supplies? Is the shed going to serve as a pool house, a workshop studio or a garage? Different types will require different features and layouts so make sure to include your ideas and aspirations into the project rather than just focus on your immediate requirements.

Shed materials matter

There are cheap sheds that are easy to manufacture and don’t offer much quality, and there are quality sheds that will cost a few extra bucks. If you plan to make a long-term investment, it’s best to opt for a sturdy, stable and reliable shed construction that will withstand the wear and tear of time and will not crumble under the elements.

Plastic sheds are usually affordable and reasonably durable (although they are very simple and lack any visual appeal), as they won’t rot, and can withstand humidity and moisture. You second option is a vinyl shed. Vinyl sheds are sturdier and will not conform to the wear and tear of time, acting as perfect storage spaces for gardening and pool equipment.

On the other hand, you have structural steel sheds. These are affordable, top-of-the-line solutions for those looking to make an investment into the future, as the material is non-corrosive, non-flammable, and very durable. You can inquire about structural steel sheds with the people behind Wallandra, as they offer a wide selection of products and a range of benefits. Typically, you would use structural steel to build a pool house or other, larger facilities.

There are also wooden sheds, although they require regular maintenance and are susceptible to wear and tear. While charming and quaint, wooden sheds are not exactly a good long-term investment unless you plan to devote adequate time to their upkeep.

Settle on a style

Finally, you want to choose the perfect shed style to fit your backyard design and introduce a dash of variety and uniqueness. Luckily, any type of shed material can be customised and tailored into a specific shape, so you’re not restricted to a single type, if aesthetic appeal is important to you.

Firstly, a mini-barn is perfect for storing backyard tools, but if you want something with a little more flair, then a Victorian shed with a dormer or a Quaker shed with an offset roof is the way to go. For extra space and appeal, you can even opt for a small cottage that can be used as a workshop or a garage, or a Dutch barn that can be easily outfitted to include a charming loft.

A shed is a wonderful, multifunctional addition to any backyard, no matter the type and style. Be sure to follow this simple guide and you will have no problem building the perfect shed for your needs that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.