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house to a new city or a maybe to the other end of the city – it’s always a
great idea to plan the arrangement of your new house in advance. A simple
sketching of the floors or a complex graph with the exact locations of all the
objects and furnishings and the other removals – just find the best ways that
suite your expectations. Another great idea is to follow a list with the most
important points like the next one below:-       
Begin with sketching the locations of the biggest objects and items. They are
usually the big wardrobes or the kitchen sink with the counter-top, or beds and
sofas. They are usually the heaviest ones too and so you may need to call
friends or to ask the reliable moving company for
extra help for the heavy lifting. Yet it should be easier to know where exactly
to put the big heavy boxes with dismantled furnishings or even with whole
pieces of furnishings. Put them near their places so to facilitate the
reassembling process and the arrangement without the need of moving big objects
through doors, rooms, stairs, etc.
Find out where is the best place to put your working space. For example, the desk should
be near the windows, but not facing the direct sunlight. This will ensure a
greater lightning for usual everyday work. On the other hand, if you prefer a
more comfortable and cozier arrangement of your new house – put the working
space near the shaded corner of the room, where is the softer light and quite
less noises from the windows.
the connection points
in every room, which will help you to
take a pick of the numerous visually appealing spots for placing some objects
like the TV screen or the WI-Fi hub. Not to mention that you can easily pick up
the right spot to ensure a better performance of the WI-Fi. The connection
points are very important things to keep in mind especially when you plan the
arrangement of the kitchen as well, because there are usually numerous
electronic items – from the fridge and the laundry machine to the mixer and the
Make a special
removal box with small objects
and items, which should be opened as soon as
you arrive at the front door. So, you might want to put that box right next to
the front door for easier opening, especially if it’s a small but heavy box.
Just give the sketching or the floor plan to the moving agents and so they can
easily orientate when unloading the moving van.
The reassembling of the furnishings should be
easier, if they’re placed right next or
right onto their future spots
. That’s why you may want to label all the
boxes with the name of the rooms. This is very useful if you arrange the new
house with the same rooms like in the old house.
the measurements
of the doors from every room, as well as
width of the corridor or the stairways if there are any. One it
will ensure an easier orientation whether a big furniture or another big object
can fit into that space or not, and two it will help you to easily decide which
furniture to dismantle and which not. Take the exact measurements of all the
key areas and spots in your house, and the more exact the better!