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No one likes to clean the bathroom. All that scrubbing in often unpleasant places makes for tiresome and sometimes disgusting work. The biggest problem with bathroom cleaning is that most people don’t know the best way to do some of the cleaning tasks in there. We are going to show you how to take your cleaning to the next level with some tips that will alleviate stress, ease your workload and help you get a cleaner bathroom in less time.

Destroy Water Spots with Lemon

Water spots are one of the banes of any person cleaning in the bathroom. It seems like nothing will get them out without damaging whatever has the water spots. You may have felt like you tried everything to get rid of them, but you should give lemon a try. You can rub a lemon wedge on them, use some lemon juice or make a paste from lemon, vinegar and baking soda. You can rub this on water spots to get rid of them instantly and use it to make your bathroom smell fresh and clean. That’s a great way to get rid of the urine smell that many bathrooms may have.

Clean Fixtures Fast

Another troublesome part of bathroom cleaning is making the fixtures look nice. Metal fixtures, such as faucets, knobs, handles and the showerhead can all get water spots on them and look grimy after a while. The most effective and fastest way to clean them is using baby oil. Just place a little bit onto a cloth and rub the fixtures until they are clean. Jackie, a maid for Diamond Cleaning says “Most other cleaning methods for metal fixtures may work momentarily, but after they dry, the fixtures look dirty again”. This leaves them with a long-lasting shine that’s easy to pull off.

Simple Shower Curtain Cleaning

Everyone dreads scrubbing down the shower curtain. Getting rid of mould, stains, dried soap and other grime is a tough task that takes a long time. Most people will use some sort of cleaning agent and scrubbing brush, but you don’t have to deal with any of that. We have a quick and easy way to make your shower curtain clean. You can just remove it from the shower and put it into the washing machine. Most people have no idea that they can do this with a shower curtain, but it works fantastically. You’ll be able to wash your shower curtain while you are doing other cleaning tasks in the bathroom, so by the time the rest of the bathroom is clean, your shower curtain will be ready to put back onto the shower.

Don’t Scrub, Wipe

A lot of bathroom cleaning involves scrubbing, but it doesn’t have to. Instead of using the scrubbing brush on the toilet, sink and other parts of the bathroom, you can use wipes. Wet wipes work wonders on the entirety of your toilet and the interior of your sink. Instead of scrubbing, you can simple do a wipe down and save time and get better results. Everything will look just as clean, and it will be a much gentler cleaning method, so your various bathroom components will last longer.

If you are having trouble cleaning the entirety of the toilet seat, then you should unscrew it and rinse it down or simply wipe it all over. This can make your bathroom smell much nicer, as whatever is stuck to hard-to-clean parts of the toilet seat can create an unwelcome odour.

Get Rid of Rust

You may have a few cans or various items stored near your bathroom sink that leave rust spots behind. These can be a pain to clean, and you know that you’ll just have to clean them again in few days. To prevent stains and rust, you can just dab some clear nail polish onto the cans. Place it all across the bottom of the cans or other items near your sink and enjoy a rust-free bathroom in short order. This will save you on cleaning later and make your bathroom look so much nicer without much effort at all.

Pretty up the Grout

One of the worst scrubbing jobs in the bathroom is cleaning the grout. How do you keep that stuff looking nice without putting a lot of work into it? There is an easier way than using a scrubbing brush, though. You use a bleach gel pen on those grout lines, and pretty soon they will look spotless. This takes some time, yes, but it creates better-looking grout when compared to scrubbing, and you might be amazed at how much brighter and inviting your bathroom looks after you use this method.

Cleaning the Shower Grooves

This is both a nasty job and a difficult one. Cleaning in the grooves at the door and sides of the shower can be tough, since it is hard to reach down in there and clean everything up. Scrub pads tend to be too big and nothing else is precise enough to leave behind a nice-looking shower. We suggest using a rag or wet cloth to clean out the majority of the groove, just press it into the groove with your fingers and wipe along the interior until you have done all the cleaning you can this way. Then use a small toothbrush (one that is only going be used for cleaning) and scrub out the rest of the grooves. This all takes some time, and few other bathroom jobs are as strenuous and time consuming, but it will be worth all that effort you put into it when you finish.

You will have a cleaner, brighter-looking shower, and the next time you clean in there, it should be much easier.

There you have it. We shared our best tips for taking your cleaning to the next level, and now it’s time to put them into practice. We think if you use these next time you clean the bathroom, you will get better results and spend less time working on the bathroom.