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While getting caught in a rain can be considered as an
inconvenience that is best to avoid, some people find the soothing touch of a
soft warm rain, strangely pleasant. Because of the fact, that experiencing an
inconvenience of having all of your clothes wet and having your health
endangered is indeed far from soothing, the only way to enjoy the feel of rain
on your skin with pleasure, for most people, is to install a rain shower in
their bathroom.

This way, not only do you get the privilege of experiencing
the sensation of standing in a pleasant summer rain, whenever you want, but get
a new reason to redecorate your bathroom. There are various ideas of how to
install your rain shower, as well as numerous number of shower models just
waiting to be perfectly stylistically pared with your bathroom.
Your shower as a part
of your bathroom
In order for you to be satisfied with your bathroom it needs
to fulfill two major conditions- to be aesthetically appealing and to be
functional. Both of these conditions are highly subjective. In a recent
interview with guys working in a Sydney
based bathroom renovations agency
, we learned that you should never pick a
showerhead on itself; you should always try and envision it in its
surroundings, in your bathroom. This way, you can see the way it goes with your
other bathroom elements to make a complete image of your bathroom. This way you
are bound to achieve the effect you desired.

The shape does matter
Most of the rain showers come in circular shape. Still, this
does not mean that you have no say, whatsoever, in the choice of the model of
your shower. Some of these showers are more ellipsoid than others and choosing
your shower in accordance to this variation can significantly effect both your
perception of your bathrooms interior, as well as the sensation of your
showering sessions.
While it may be true that most of these showers come in
circular form, it does not mean that there are no other shower shapes for you
to experiment with. For example, in the last couple of years, Cass Brothers, has become more and more popular. Installing this into your
bathroom will demonstrate your originality and uniqueness of stylistic sense to
all your visitors. Apart from this, it will also affect the perspective in which
you experience your showers.
Go big and go green
Apart from the shape, you can also choose the size of the
showerhead. While some of them might be of the size of a regular showerhead,
there are those which are significantly larger, while some even cover the
entire bathroom ceiling. This is bound to have a significant impact on both
your shower experience and on the aesthetic expression that your bathroom makes
on all who see it.

There is also an option of using as much of natural materials in the construction of your shower. In this way, you will not only transform your bathroom into a bathroom of your dreams or even yet THE bathroom of your dreams, but while doing so you can also significantly help your planet and your ecosystem along the way. Truly a notion that is hard to top.

The main goal of all of this is that you create a bathroom
in which you will feel comfortable and relaxed. Still, while doing so, it
wouldn’t hurt if you could transform your bathroom into a piece-of-art, meant
to create a positive impression on anyone who decides to visit your home. This
is truly and idea that is worth thinking about.