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You know how important grouting is for your tile installation. You also know how important it is that you clean and maintain it regularly so as to protect the grout and prolong its life. There are different cleaning methods that you can choose from when cleaning the grout.
·   You can choose to use cleaning solutions made especially for grout maintenance.
·  You can also choose to use homemade cleaning solutions such as baking soda and vinegar or commercially produced cleaning solutions such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide.
·  You can also use steam to clean grouts.
The last option is not a popular option when it comes to grout cleaning. Most would
select any of the first two and only a few would actually know about grout cleaning using steam. Cleaning the grout with steam may sound like a new concept and since it is that case for many people, it would be best to have a good understanding about how steam cleaning works as well as what supplies would be needed to perform the task.
First and foremost, steam may come in different forms. In a vessel that is open, normal pressure may be observed as water cannot be heated more than 100 degrees Celsius. No matter how you try to increase or intensify the heat, the temperature of the water will not rise at all since the steam that is produced will just escape the vessel. Nevertheless, if that vessel is not open, meaning it is sealed, you will be able to heat up the water to a higher temperature even before it starts boiling. This is due to the energy amount required to create steam alongside the pressure is raised up. Water that is able to produce this kind of steam is heated in temperatures around 180 degrees Celsius. This steam is popular by the name of dry vapor steam. This is different from the usual steam that we know of since the moisture content it has is quite low at
only 5%. Moreover, once dry vapor steam is released it produces more volume.
Here lies the magic of steam when cleaning grouts. Since the dry vapor steam method produces smaller molecules compared to water, it is able to penetrate in greater extent to give you deeper clean. Moreover, since the steam is quite hot around the delivery point, it can make the surface expand making the release of grime easier. And, as it has been mentioned on guruforgroutsealing.com, your entire job with sealing will be easier.
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Cleaning the grout using chemicals is not as effective dry vapor steam cleaning since chemicals are not able to deeply penetrate in the grout as water is used in the chemicals. Dry vapor steam cleaning can go as deep as the grout’s pores ensuring grime is removed even from the inside. It also pushes the grime outside flushing it from the pores even without damaging or ruining the structure of the grout.