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Any remodeling job is a major undertaking, but a bathroom
renovation presents unique challenges. Besides the dust, noise and disorder
that come with every remodel, doing over a bath means loss of critical
facilities that are used every day. Here are four tips to make the process a
little easier.

Plan Wisely

In addition to establishing a budget and making paint and
other design choices, take into account the age of the house. Ripping out
fixtures that have been in place for many years may very likely reveal hidden
problems such as corrosion that will require replacing pipes and connections.
Also, consider carefully the best time of year to do the renovation. Avoid
remodeling during summer when the kids are out of school and summer activities
mean many more baths and showers. Similarly, do not remodel when guests are

Practice Preventive Maintenance

Before ripping apart one bathroom, make sure that all other
bathrooms are in good repair. They will get more use and any potential problems
with plumbing should be avoided at all costs. A clogged toilet in a two-bath
house is a headache and inconvenience; a clogged toilet in a home with only one
functioning bathroom is catastrophic.

Prepare for Cleanup

A bathroom may look like a very small space, but when walls
are ripped out they seem to expand to double or triple in mass. Disposal laws
vary from state to state or even from one county to another, so check
regulations and plan for debris removal early in the process. Dumpster rental
companies, like Lakeshore Recycling, can help you decide on the size of
container needed for the job, and arrange drop off and pick up at times that
are convenient for you and fit your schedule.

Align Expectations to Time and Budget Limits

What may seem like small choices can make a big difference
in the time required to complete a bath remodel. Larger tiles can be installed
faster and more economically than smaller ones and will look as good. Use
materials and fixtures that are readily available in-store to avoid shipping
delays or receiving the wrong item. If you can pick up the bathroom sink at the
store and take it home in your car, you know you have the right one and that it
can be installed immediately.

A well-designed and executed bathroom renovation increases
value and makes a home more livable. When it is time to remodel, keeps these
suggestions in mind to help get the job done.