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Renovating your bathroom on a tight budget can be quite simple. There are many places to go. Always check your local ads for sales. You may also want to refer to your local paper for estate or garage sales.

Paint will be the most expensive item on your list. You may want to use the gallon paint for the walls, and the smaller quart sized paint for your trim. The gallons of paint you will need vary depending on the amount of wall space you have. Many stores have online calculators to find out approximately how many gallons you will need. A gallon of paint can start at about $14.95 a gallon.

You will also need painters tape. This painting technique will help you keep paint off of surfaces like your sink, mirror and trim. Make sure you remove the items to safer places before start painting. It will prevent your items from damages. Simply do an online search like public storage near me to keep the items while painting. You can get a very nice and clean line using painters tape. The tape starts at about $1.99. The tape also comes in different widths. Use the width that suits your needs.

Depending on whether you have a window or not, you can use thick, although bright, colored curtains. If you use dark colors you may run the risk of mold growing in crevices. You can also buy an adhesive window covering. The covering comes in many different colors and designs. The adhesives do need to be cut to fit your window. Some of the window adhesives let the light in, but not the wandering eye, for privacy. A package can be about $5.00. Or you can hit your local Thrift store and get some curtains for a buck or so.

Last, but not least, there are the bathroom accessories. You can get some wild varieties from the thrift stores. Thrift stores have everything from wall decorations to figurines to shower curtains and toilet coverings. A lot of these items may go for as low as 10 cents! You may even want to check out a garage sale. There are many complete sets at a garage sale if in fact a set is what you are looking for. If you do decide to go to a garage sale or thrift store, be sure to check your items over before you purchase bath vanities. Look for cracks and nicks. These may become unsightly or even break in the future.

As one can see, between the paint rollers and brushes, paint and decor, one may be able to spend less the $75.00 on renovating their bathroom.