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This is
Zoe blogging over at My Bathrooms Blog! I have a tremendous desire for
designing ideas that are actually useful and easy to carry out when it comes to
decorating or updating bathrooms! Today Kylie has given me a chance to share
with you some really unique bathroom décor ideas. So make your bathroom truly
unique by opting for some of these clever and unusual décor tricks!
Mirror, Mirror, On the – Door?
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Invest in
mirror panelling for your bathroom storage cabinets and cupboards. In one fell
swoop you can effectively disguise your plentiful storage and create the
illusion of having twice as much space in the room! Bathrooms need lots of
storage spaces, so splurge on the cabinetry, secure in the knowledge that once
the mirroring is applied, your bathroom will look fantastic and have loads of
space for all your toiletries, towels and so on.
Wonderful Bathroom Fireplace
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Ever thought about having a fireplace in the bathroom? Thinking about it now, realising what a pleasure it would be on a chilly night, to have a toasty fire (safely installed and water-tight, obviously!) to get strip off and dress in front of?  The Little Fire Place Shop is the perfect place for it! This is just one example of something unusual and unexpected being used to great effect in décor. Think about what you would secretly love to have in your bathroom, be it a swing chair or a shabby-chic dresser: then set to work and make your dream a reality!
Glass Shower Door
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We tend to choose opaque or colourful shower curtains and shower screens, but we do not have to! Bathrooms are places where privacy is more or less guaranteed, with easy-to-use locks to keep everyone away, so a shower curtain that one can hide behind is completely redundant! Opt instead for a clear curtain or glass shower screen: such as these Glass shower screens at My-Bathrooms, as they open out the room in quite an astonishing way, maximising the effect of every inch of floor space and not cutting the already small room into even smaller chunks.
Textured Floor
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For a truly luxurious, spa feel, choose floor tiling that features smooth bumps and textured patterns. As you take off your shoes and socks, your feet will relax and you will enjoy the sensations underfoot, the whole effect being to help you relax and unwind before your leisurely soak.
Picture This
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An excellent and underused bathroom décor feature is the fake window. Obtain and install a large photographic picture of beach, mountain or whatever natural scenery that you prefer. Properly placed this will give your bathroom an exotic air of opening out into an entirely different part of the world, allowing you to let go of your worries and cares as you bathe or shower.