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Even superstars work from home now and again. Granted, there spaces tend to be a little more stylish than ours. But still, there’s a lot we can learn from the well-known names who occasionally log on from the home office. Here, Pottery Barn’s design guru Courtney Lake guides us through some of the home offices of the stars.

Neil Gaiman and Ellen Degeneres. Not exactly two peas in a pod, are they? At least, not at first sight. But on closer inspection, both know how important an inspirational study space is when it comes to working from home. Whether it’s working on a new set of short stories or prepping for a big-ticket interview, both Gaiman and Degeneres are among a host of well-known names who work from home.You probably work from home too, at least some of the time, or maybe you live with someone who does. In the US, the average worker telecommutes 2 days a month, with most saying they find it just as productive as they would if they were in the office.You don’t have to be a big name to work from home, but there is one thing these famous faces can tell us – how to craft a beautiful study space that’s conducive to productivity.

The team at Pottery Barn have developed an infographic looking at celebrities who work from home, and what their styles can tell us about our working spaces. Let’s take a look at a few fantastic examples.

Ellen Degeneres

Working from home style: Big and beautiful.

Degeneres’ home office is expansive, stylish and all about statements: a statement office desk and statement cabinet work to create a bold style that’s all about getting things done. With a pinch of zen.

Working from home style
Top tip: Working from home is all about posture. It’s recommended to sit between 24 and 36 inches from your monitor, with the top of your screen at your eyeline.

Arianna Huffington

Working from home style: Newsroom.
The author and journalist has a home office that’s equipped to meet her needs: a TV showing the 24-hour news, a table stacked high with the day’s papers and laptops and tablets giving the latest from social media and the rest of the web.
Top tip: Even if, like Huffington, your working life is hectic and fast-paced, it’s important to find some time for test. Taking scheduled naps when working from home can help boost your productivity – a 40-minute nap can increase your alertness by as much as 34%.

Neil Gaiman

Working from home style: Clean, fresh and functional.
Minnesota-based American Gods author Gaiman has an outdoor cabin space, all wooden decking and minimal styling, from where he writes.
Top tip: Developing a space to suit a creative project, such as writing or drawing, isn’t easy. The basic formalism of a working space doesn’t always sit well when you need to work on fluid, changing projects. If you don’t have a writing cabin like Gaiman, inspire yourself to get your work done by writing a contract with yourself – a work-and-reward scheme to ensure you get it done.Do you have any tips for working from home productively? Let us know.