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Buying kids’ towels and kids’ bedsheets online is a simple task, if you know what they want and need. Buying bath towels for your children, however, is not enough. With summer being just around the corner, your children are going to spending a lot of time at the beach. You need to start looking at kids’ towels online, which are meant for the beach. These beach towels will make sure your children’s time at the beach is a happy one for them and for you as well.

Cartoon-themed towels

You can hardly ever go wrong with picking kids towels online, which feature the favourite cartoon characters of your children. The Disney princesses or the Marvel superheroes are an evergreen hit among children and a towel digitally printed with those animated characters, such as the ones available at SPACES, is something your child would be proud to show off to his or her friends at the beach.

Sports-themed towels

While your children are interested in cartoons, the boys generally end up talking more about sports with their friends. Get your little sports fan a towel with pictures or the logo and colours of his favourite team so that he can strut about flaunting it at the beach.

Towels with beautiful designs

Your daughters are also growing up much faster than you like it. While they like cartoons as much as all the other children do, what they like more is to stand out among their friends. Gift your beautiful daughter a towel with an artistic design in rare colours printed on it, such as the towels from the Fluoresse range by SPACES and you will see her at the beach with it before summer has arrived.

Textured towels

After hours of playing in the sand and sea, your children would love being wrapped up in towels which have a skin-pampering texture on them. Kids towels online come in various textures such as ribbed and striped which are indulgently soft on the skin. You could also check out the popcorn texture towels from the Swift Dry range by SPACES. Not only would your children love how gentle these feel on their skin, but also their ability to dry quickly would mean that you don’t have to tag along behind your children carrying the weight of damp towels.

Wrap-around towels

After playing in the sea, your children are bound to feel cold even if it is the summer season. When you look for kids’ towels online, you will find a variety of hooded towels or towel ponchos made especially for the beach. The Toga wrap by SPACES is an excellent option for this since it is quick to dry, extremely soft on your children’s skin and super easy to wear.

This summer, your children will love you just a little more for treating them to such delightful beach towels. When you look for kids’ towels online at SPACES.in, you can choose from among a wide variety of towels available in many different colours, patterns and styles.