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If you are tired of maintaining your lawn and wants to reduce the cost of maintenance, there are some grass alternatives that you can make use of.  It is understandable that with traditional grasses, you need to lawn all the time and the cost of maintaining would weigh heavily on your finances. That being said, here are some substitutes that you can consider without sacrificing the beauty of your lawn.

1. Red Creeping Thyme

This alternative will turn your lawn into a breathtaking view. The bright and reddish blooms usually appear in the early months of summer. The thyme converges to a dense mat, and it can handle being stepped on all the time. In the winter time, the foliage is evergreen which would then turn to bronze in the latter period. You can plant it along with stepping stones or position it on a flagstone patio or edges areas as well.

2. Roman Chamomile

If you are seeking a low maintenance alternative to grass, then the Roman Chamomile is the best deal. By planting it on your lawn, you will surely enjoy a soothing aroma that comes from the plant. It grows well during the summer season. When it is fully grown, it can handle normal foot traffic as well. On another note, this plant grows quickly and spreads easily with ease.

3. Irish Moss

There are some grasses that are not good for your lawn such as the dallisgrassandpampas grass. If you want to beautify your yard without additional risks, don’t forget to remove them and plant the Irish Moss instead. It is a useful groundcover alternative. It is easy to care for, and it trims your landscape to a whole new level. It is given that when using groundcovers, it must tolerate foot traffic, a factor that the Irish Moss can deliver. To add more vigor to your garden, try to install stepping stones and additional plants that are flowery.

4. Dutch clover

The Dutch clover is a terrific lawn replacement. It is commonly used by most lawn enthusiasts because of its beauty and unparalleled flexibility. The green plants can withstand foot traffic at a normal range. On top of that, it is low maintenance because it can tolerate heat and even drought. The Dutch clover is hardy ranging between zones 3 to 9. If you have animals or are raising dogs, it can withstand domesticated pets’ urine as well.

5. Buffalo grass

Buffalo grass is known as the native grass that requires low maintenance. It can tolerate severe heat and even drought. However, it does not grow well in sandy soils, so make sure that the lawn is loamy or has some fragments of limestone soil. This native grass in the late winter months or early spring to let the plants grow well. It is best to cut buffalo grass but not shorter than 3 inches.

Maintaining your lawn is no longer a hurdle with the top alternatives that we have provided. May these substitutes beautify your gardens and let you enjoy nature at its best.