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Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to give your bedroom a
long-deserved makeover? If so, you’ve probably started to think about what sort
of look you would like and have started looking around for inspiration.
Everyone has their own particular style, but it’s worth knowing about the major
interior design trends predicted to take hold in 2015
, so that you
can think about incorporating them into your own bedroom.
Colour Trends
There are going to be far less of the bright “jewel” tones
around in 2015, so if you’ve been eyeing up some emerald green wallpaper, it
might be time to reconsider. Experts predict that the big colour trends for
2015 will be all about looking to nature for inspiration and pastels may be
making a comeback. Think about nice soft shades of aqua, soft oranges or bluish
greys for the main colour for your bedroom, perhaps accented by deeper shades
of royal blue or deeper burgundy red. Neutrals will still be big news in 2015
and shades of stone and almond are also very calming and suited to use in the
Textures and Soft Furnishings
Bedrooms in 2015 are all about comfort and cosiness. Texture
is going to be increasingly important so expect to see lots of different sorts
of fabric including quilts, velvet, chenille, fake fur and wool. The easiest
way to incorporate these sorts of textures and fabrics into your bedroom is by
getting a throw or bedspread, or by choosing some textured cushions which you
can use on the bed or on an armchair in the corner of the room. Think carefully
before buying curtains using unusual fabrics or textures; a pair of curtains
for a large window can often cost several hundreds of pounds and if fashions
change you could well be stuck with something you no longer like until you can
afford to replace them.
Wooden Walls
Many experts believe that wooden planks on the walls are
going to be big news in the coming year, and this neatly brings together the
previous two trends of natural colours and lots of textures. We’ve seen wooden
walls before – who could forget the 1980s orange pine panelling which seemed to
be everywhere? This time round though the look is more about natural shades and
reusing old planks horizontally across one wall of the bedroom as a feature.
This is a very bold trend and not one which will be to everyone’s taste. If
it’s a step too far for you, think about getting or making a similar headboard
which will give the impression of lots of wood but is easier to remove.
Mid-Century Modern
Shows like Mad Men, based in the glamourous world of
advertising in the 1960s, have brought everything from the 1950s and 1960s
right back into fashion. This is one of the easiest and most economical trends
to follow at home, as charity shops, car boot sales and house clearances are a
plentiful source of furniture and accessories to pull off this design scheme
effectively. Look out for unusual pieces of abstract art, unusual ceramics and
vases or vintage chests of drawers and other items of garden furniture.
Remember that you can always paint older pieces of furniture which are too dark
for the look you are trying to achieve. Decorating your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Here’s
a great article if you’re on a budget.
Bringing the
Outside In
It’s hardly
surprising that with so much emphasis on natural materials and colours that
plants and greenery are big news in the bedroom for 2015. Many people are put
off buying plants because they think they are difficult to look after and
expensive to buy but this is not always the case. Bigger is better when it
comes to having plants in the bedroom, so look out for tall ferns, ivy or other
climbing plants. If you are not particularly green-fingered, get a slow release
feed system from your local garden centre. You can set it to drip a constant
stream of water and feed into your plant so it should never dry out. Staff in
the garden centre will also be happy to advise about which plants are low-maintenance
and easiest to look after for novices.
Wall Artwork
Floral patterns
are still going to be around in a big way in 2015, but in the form of large
paintings and photographs for the wall rather than smaller patterns on
wallpaper. All home interiors shops and department stores have a wide range of
striking artwork, so you will have plenty of choice. If you’re artistic,
consider taking your own photographs in the garden or park and then having them
blown up onto a large wall canvas – this isn’t quite as expensive as you might
think. Another good alternative is to look for large wall stickers featuring
floral motifs which can look stunning against a plain painted walls. Updating
your home using artwork or stickers is one of the best ideas for tenants as everything
can be easily removed, or taken with you if you decide to move on.
Tartan and Tweed

Two of the types
of fabric which tie many of the main themes running through interior design
trends for 2015 are tartans and tweeds. They tick all of the boxes in terms of
texture and natural influences, and if you choose the colours correctly they
can tie in with the trendiest colours of 2015 too. Tartan never really goes out
of fashion so making a wise purchase now will give you bedding, cushions or
rugs which you can use for years to come. Tartan or tweed is a relatively bold
fabric though, and should be used sparingly in the bedroom – too many different
clashing tartans and tweeds will not create a restful or relaxing atmosphere in
your bedroom so invest in one key piece and then build the rest of your bedroom
design around it.