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At one time an essential feature in almost all houses, especially in the colder regions, the fireplace took a backseat with the arrival of gas heating. Then, it evolved to become a fashionable thing to have in your living room, so much so that the options available today are varied. However, besides the obvious charm of having a fireplace in your living room, there still exists a lot many good reasons to have a fireplace in your home. It does add an element of beauty, a touch of architectural splendor, and a sense of aesthetics when properly structured. Add to that the multitude of benefits that a fireplace offers, and you would be left wondering why you didn’t really have one in your house. Or, if you are planning a new home, you would surely make provision for one. It is these benefits that have most buyers these days considering the option or availability of a fireplace when making a purchase decision about a house property.

Warmth by the cozy fireside

Your house may have all the benefits of a centralized heating system, but who wouldn’t admit the warmth of a good old wood fire. A seat by the fireplace does revive the old-world charm of cozy warmth. Whatever type of fireplace you might have, whether it be an open hearth one, or one that’s a pellet stove, or a fireplace insert, or even a wood stove, even the thought of having one available at your home perhaps melts all the cold away. Cheerful conversations besides the fireside or a moment of solitude, relaxing with your favorite book on an armchair do evoke the warmth that comes from crackling flames and the flicker of a small fire that keeps dancing, as if happy to bring all the warmth to you, a feeling that no modern amenities can bring.

Dreamy romance

If the sublime feeling of a charm isn’t enough seduction already, who is to resist the charm of a conversation with your loved ones, sitting by the fireplace. A cozy evening, some intimate conversations, perhaps while sipping wine, it’s perhaps a dreamy escape to a different world. The romantic feel and the eighties’ feeling is a different place altogether to be in. A trigger to the senses, a warmth that hugs the most intimate of your feelings, a fireplace, especially a wood-fired one, would surely be an atmosphere that one wouldn’t want to let go off quickly!

Utility par excellence

Despite the certainty that we have these days of the availability of electricity throughout the day and all-round the year, there are times when they fail. For example, when there is a strong storm in your region, or an electricity blackout, either because of some natural disaster or transmission failure, imagine having to eke out the night in a freezing cold temperature. Your electric fireplace or even one that’s powered by gas wouldn’t be working. But, if you have a fireplace that’s lit up by wood, well you do not need to worry about the cold, but just wait out the period before electricity is restored. At the same time, your spaces would still be lit! The dual benefit that comes without much of a hassle.

For the energy conscious, environmentally concerned

If you are one who’s always on the lookout for things that make our earth more sustainable, things that help us be environmentally friendly, a fireplace is sure to even warm your hearts. These are incredibly energy efficient and produce enough heat without burning as much energy as other conventional fossil fuels consume. Modern technology has even made it possible to circulate this warmth across your home using your existing ductwork. Over and above all this, when your fireplace is lit up with wood, the carbon footprint is near to zero, and emissions negligible!

Makes economic sense too

With the rising costs of electricity, heating up your home using power supply tends to burn a hole in your pocket. That’s one of the primary reasons, the good old fireplace is making a comeback too. Fireplaces as your primary source of heat are more economical as it costs much less to buy firewood. And with modern engineering designing efficient appliances, the economics of it makes more sense vis-à-vis your home using conventional power or fossil fuels. It also offers you the freedom of being less dependent on utility companies as you take upon yourself the responsibility for your own fire source. You get your own firewood or if you are lucky to live in an estate that has a lot of wood, well you are the luckiest one!