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Proper tree maintenance can enhance the look of your trees and property, while also adding value, protecting your property, and ensuring the safety of your loved ones. There are many benefits for hiring a professional tree service. Arborists have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat diseased or dying trees and they are able to preserve and extend the life of healthy trees.

Value Of Hiring Professional Tree Care

1. Safety

Tree maintenance of any kind can be a dangerous making safety the number one reason for hiring a professional tree service. Trees that have not been properly cared for can become overgrown and encroach on your home, scratching siding and possibly dislodging roofing, which can lead to further home damage. Climbing trees, pruning overhanging branches, and controlling falling limbs are potentially hazardous jobs that require the technical skill and experience that is best left to the professional. In order to avoid the misfortune of personal injury or possible damage to property, tree care should not be attempted by someone without considerable experience and training. A professional tree service company can provide the effective tree care needed to protect your trees, property and loved ones.

2. Knowledge and Experience

A professional tree service has the knowledge to diagnose disease and determine the type of tree service necessary to improve and maintain the health and appearance of your trees. Identifying tree disease can be difficult as many common problems can go unnoticed until they have taken hold and caused damage. Determining a proper diagnosis is critical in treating the problem causing the damage rather than simply treating the symptoms. Most homeowners do not have the knowledge to correctly diagnose what is causing damage to their trees. Trying to research the issue on your owncan take time and it can also result in a misdiagnosis that can lead you to perform incorrect treatment on your trees.

Using a professional tree service with extensive knowledge and experience is the most effective way to ensure proper care, treatment and maintenance for your property’s trees. A tree service company is also best equipped to perform all aspect of tree care as they have the necessary tools and training.

By hiring experienced tree service, you benefit from more comprehensive services and extended level of care. For example, a tree service company with an eye for shaping trees while considering their natural form is better able to determine necessary pruning. Trimming tree limbs incorrectly can leave your tree misshapen and unattractive or even cause more damage and deformity. Professional tree service technicians also have experience in performing emergency tree care and limb removal after disease or storm damage. Diseased, weakened or loosened limbs can be hazardous and can cause damage to the entire tree or even to surrounding landscaping. Hiring a professional tree service for trees with signs of disease or damage can make the difference between giving your trees a good chance of survival and losing them unnecessarily. 

3. Savings

In the day of DIY, many people wrongly think that hiring a professional to care for their trees is too costly. However, the cost savings is easily seen in many different aspects, including overall value of your home and property. Simply having healthy, attractive trees on your property can add substantial property value; homes with trees are approximately 5 to 20 percent higher in value than properties without trees.

Mature, well-maintained trees also provide shade, which can result in a lower cost for heating and cooling. Shade provided by trees can also protect surrounding landscaping from direct sunlight that can cause dryness, helping to save some money in water.

Hiring a tree service company can also save you significant money as care is performed correctly the first time. Homeowners often attempt to perform tree service on their own, but mistakes or the size of a project will result in the need for more experienced tree service doubling the cost.

Nevada Tree Service in Las Vegas, Nevada

At Nevada Tree Service, we encourage proper tree care by a professional tree service to ensure safety, effective service, and overall cost savings. Since 1962, we have remained committed to providing the highest level of service to ensure that every tree on your property is cared for and maintained.