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House-hunting is one of the most stressful activities. From finding the right neighborhood to finding a space that feels like you’ll be able to make it your own, it can easily start to feel like you’ll never find the right house. Fortunately, finding your dream home doesn’t have to be difficult!

Having a custom home built is the simplest solution to finding your dream home – you’re in complete control of your creation. In addition to making finding the right home easy, having a custom home built offers a number of other benefits. Discover what you could experience having a home custom built.

The chance to save money. Buying any home is a major investment but buying an old home can actually be more costly than investing in completely new construction. Older homes can come with a slew of hidden repairs you may not see upfront, from cracks in the foundation to leaky faucets, insulation problems, or faulty appliances. These repairs can cost you time and money, but custom-built homes essentially come problem-free (at least for the first 10-20 years!).

An energy efficient way of living! New construction means new everything. Old homes were designed with the supplies handy at the time. Depending on the year they were built, these homes could be some of the most inefficient models around. From the appliances to the insulation, custom homes offer you a more energy-efficient solution, which can potentially save you hundreds of dollars a year on home energy costs.

Access to more materials. Your options are virtually limitless when you work with a custom home builder. Whether you have a specific vision in mind for your living room or you’ve never considered the many flooring options on the market, your contractor will work with you to choose elements that meet the needs of your lifestyle. In essence, a custom home is built with materials that are important to you, whether that’s energy efficient appliances or environmentally friendly floorboards.

The location of your choosing. Having a custom home built means that you can have it built in a place that’s ideal for you. Find a contractor building in the neighborhood of your dreams, then work with them to find the lot that meets your needs. Whether you’ve always wanted your home to sit at the middle of a cul-de-sac or longed for a backyard that faced the woods, a custom home builder can help you produce your dream home in your ideal location.

All of your needs are met. When you work with a custom home builder, you’re able to choose exactly how your home is set up. From the layout of each room to where certain features, like toilets, tubs, and sinks will go, you’re in complete control. This is ideal for families who have outgrown traditional homes and are looking to continue growing in a home that meets their needs, or those who might have special medical requirements, like wheelchair accessibility. When the contractor completes your home, it’s exactly designed to your specifications and everything is where you anticipated.

Finding the home of your dreams doesn’t have to be one of life’s most difficult, stressful tasks. Triumph Building Group, talented Bucks County home builders, invite you to discover happiness in a custom home of your own!

Author:   Terry Nardone