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Gardens in flats in Palakkad – Is it even possible?, you may ask. It is not just possible; it is not as difficult as you think.

Of course, those with apartments on the ground floor will find it easiest to start a garden with a few potted plants just outside their main door or adjacent to their wall outside. But even if you’re living on the 10th or 15th floor, you can still have a garden.

Things become very easy if you have a balcony of course – you can arrange potted plants and also hang a few plants from the ceiling of the balcony in small pots. They will not lack for sunlight, and watering them is less messy. If you don’t have a balcony, you can have plants in tiny pots on your window sill – you can even make a shelf or rack on the window sill, and create your garden that way.

String gardens are fast becoming popular as a way for people in apartments to even grow at least some produce – say chillies, curry leaves, mint, and of course flowers.

But why a garden in an apartment? Because:

Living in an apartment you are essentially away from Nature. Having even a tiny garden in your apartment will bring you closer to Nature – a little green inside your house will make you feel relaxed and happy.

Gardening has therapeutic effects – it reduces stress, is good for eye-hand coordination, and is a mood elevator.

You can improve the quality of the air indoors – you know that plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen; by planting a garden in your apartment, you are giving yourself healthier air to breathe!

With a string garden, you need not worry about the fruits/vegetables/spices/herbs that you buy are full of pesticides, or even how fresh they are. Growing your own produce is also very satisfying!

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