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Hot tubs are becoming quite common in households. More and more people are buying them and if you speak to the buyers, most of them mention that they are buying them due to the many benefits that are attributed to using them. Let’s look at the various benefits mentioned by manufacturers of hot tubs and decide whether they are real.

Stress Relief:

All manufacturers such as Spa City and others mention that soaking in a hot tub will relieve you from stress. They mention that the jets in the hot tub will massage the joints and muscles and relieve the built up tension. To check this I entered a hot tub and I can say that there was marked improvement in my thinking. I felt the stress dissipating and it was pleasant. The stress that I felt was all gone. So we can safely say that this point by manufacturers is true.

Pain relief:

Manufacturers say that soaking in a hot tub relieves muscles pain. I exercised vigorously for an hour and soaked in a hot tub for an hour. I am pleased to report that the pain decreased a lot though not completely. Again it is a true fact that the manufacturers highlight again and again.

Improves sleep:

All manufacturers make it a point to highlight the fact that soaking in a hot tub for half an hour before sleep will improve sleep. I thought let me try this and soaked in a hot tub for half an hour as advertised. I then went to sleep and to tell the truth I did not sleep well. It took me more than 3 hours to sleep after the hot tub bath. I then thought of giving a second chance and the next day I again entered the hot tub and stayed in it for half an hour, but I went to sleep after 2 hours and I am pleased to say that I slept really well. We can safely say that if we soak in a hot tub two hours before sleep we will get a good night’s sleep.

Alleviates arthritic pain:

Some manufacturers highlight the point that hot tubs help in alleviating arthritic pain. It is a known fact that hydrotherapy works for arthritis but the effects of hot tubs are not known conclusively. I asked my mom who has arthritic knee pain to stay in the hot tub for an hour and let me know how she feels. She reported that it does help and reduces pain. We tried the test for a week and she said that her knees were able to function better for a few hours after soaking in a hot tub. So again we need to put a check mark for the claim.

Overall, we can say that the benefits outlined by manufacturers are true and there are real benefits of soaking in a hot tub. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor and then decide on buying one.