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Designing, planning, choosing and installing a
brand new kitchen can be a lengthy, time consuming, expensive and stressful
process. So why risk it with a pre-assembled unit that might not even fit in
your kitchen properly? In recent years bespoke kitchen designers have gained
massive popularity for their extensive knowledge of the latest kitchen styles,
helpful advice on storage solutions and ultimately saving homeowners more money
than they would have with a pre-assembled unit.
So what is stopping you? Here are several reasons
why we know an interior designer is wiser than risking it with a
pre-assembled kitchen unit.

Working Knowledge of The Latest Styles

Kitchen designers are constantly searching through
the market for the latest fashions and styles in an attempt to keep their
experiences fresh and new. They have a working knowledge of the latest styles,
they know what goes well together and what doesn’t. They know how to place a
unit to give it the most attention, they know how to combine simple colours to
create dynamic effects and they can provide effective storage solutions and
colour palettes to help fix unsightly errors in a room. If you ask them for
assistance they will work tirelessly to make your design work in the space you
have available.

Or if your designs aren’t quite up to
scratch and there seems to be an issue here and there, they will tell you when
it is impossible and prevent you from wasting your money on creating a kitchen
that is not fallible in the long run. It is a win, win situation really.

Creative Flair for Seeing Through

One of the best things about working with a human
being is that they are able to think laterally. They will be able to work their
way around issues using their creativity, providing alternative solutions to
space and light issues in a way that only experience in the field can. This is
essential if you have a small kitchen or a kitchen that needs to appear light
and airy. A professional kitchen designer will take a look at your designs and
will be able to provide reasonable, affordable solutions that don’t require
getting your personal hack saw out in order to make a certain unit fit.

They also provide a second opinion for
ideas you might have had. When you are the only one planning out a kitchen, it
can be hard to see if from an alternate angle, so it is a good idea to enlist
the help of a professional as they will be able to look at it from several
different angles to make sure everything works as it should.

Pre-Assembled is Taking a Real Risk

Like we’ve said before, you are taking a massive
risk when you buy a pre-assembled unit. Bespoke kitchen designers are able to
design kitchens that are tailored to meet your exact specifications, right down
to the cm. They call at your home, take measurements of your kitchen space,
visualise the designs and what the end result will look like and plan
accordingly. With pre-assembled kitchens, while you have some semblance of
where everything will go, it often ends up very much like a ‘put everything in
and hope for the best’ scenario, even more so if you’ve an oddly shaped

And that’s not really good enough,
particularly if you’re planning on having this kitchen for years to come. When
it comes to a well-designed bespoke kitchen, you want to be able to use it comfortably.
You want to be proud of the kitchen, see how well it fits, you want to be able
to show it to guests and make the most of it when family are round for
mealtimes. In these cases, it is better to request the assistance of a
professional than risk it on your own with a pre-made package.

Of course there may be cases where you and your bespoke kitchen designer
clash with opinions or ideas or something similar. Designers and other creative
types can get swept away with their own ideas so don’t be afraid to bring them
back around. It is great to have someone to bounce ideas back off, but don’t
let them take over the whole project. At the end of the day it is your kitchen,
not theirs. Plus, you’re the one paying for the service! Take their advice but
if something is not to your liking, make sure to say so. Otherwise you will be
the one to live with a kitchen that is not exactly what you wanted.

Article provided by Chandler Stoneworks; specialists
in the design, manufacture and installation of marble, granite and quartz
surfaces across the South East of England.