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Usually, the dorm rooms are not very comfortable andare rather unpretentious in layout and decor. Everyone understands that it is a temporary decision and the student does not tend to change anything there. Nevertheless, for the next severalyears, the dorm room will become your second home. And every student wants to live in comfort.Thus, do not lose heart, we have prepared somesimple and cheap dorm room decorating ideas to make your new home cozy and beautiful.

Wall decoration

Nothing makes a room look like a prison cell as “bare” white walls. There are plenty of different ways of decorating the walls.Hang photos of your relatives or postcards from journeys, use everything that brings you smile. Or you can use herbarium or a picture depicting plants. Make frames and hang them on the wall. Another simple idea is the use of clipboards. This is a clever trick, which is useful for fixing calendars, schedules, important notes, pictures and other things.

For your Bed

Your bed is a vital element of the interior, and still, it is one of the essentials. Get a blanket of the color and texture, which you will not cease to like after a few months. You can use several plaids to make a room brighter. In addition, it is advantageous in the cold season. Place a few decorative pillows on the bed to create coziness in your apartment. You can also put cushions on the chairs. And near the bed, you can hang a small lamp and read without disturbing neighbors in the room.

Lighting and floor

The lighting in dorm rooms can be terrible in various ways, either it is too bright that you have a headache, or it is too dim that you can’t see whether you have taken socks out of one pair. Think over your own lighting ideas. It can be a floor lamp, a table lamp, a wall lamp and, of course, a garland. Another important part of college apartment décor is a carpet. Using the carpet is the perfect way to dilute the gray color of the floor with bright colors. In addition, it will help you feel like home and protect your feet from the cold in winter.


There are a lot of options, but everything depends on your imagination and desire. Some accessories can be handy for every college student.  For example, a holder for jewelry from thebush. Find the branch that you like, clean it and paint it, making it multicolored. Then attach the branch to the wall with a screw. Also, you can make a key holder and attach it near the door. Then you can create something for your table, for example, you can draw some accessories by yourself using containers of various sizes. You will need paint to change their appearance, threads for decoration, trimming cloth, leather, twine. Don’t forget about different cute trinkets. In the market, on sales, in souvenir shops, you can find various figurines, clocks, vases, pieces of furniture.

Plants and Flowers

Decorate your room with flowers in pots. Thanks to this, the atmosphere in your room will become cozy and warm. In addition, indoor plants clean and refresh the air. Try to place decorative pots on the floor or on the desktop. If there is not enough space, you can use hanging flower pots. Decorate the flower pots, make them more attractive. For the decor, take the tape and acrylic paint. Choose bright colors.

There is another interesting option. Take a lot of cardboard cones. Make a hole on the left and right side, draw a thread through these holes and hang a cone on the wall wherever you want. It will look spectacular when you put the flowers in all these cones,
Vases for flowers. You can make a vase from the glass beer bottles or jars, suitable in shape and color. Use a knife for the glass to perform a “clean” shear, process the edges with sandpaper to avoid damage.

As you can see, there is a big amount of college dorm room ideas. And the most important thing, all these ideas can be implemented quickly and cheaply. With these simple tips, you’ll be able to make your room cozy. Trust your imagination and act!

Of course, everyone knows that every student is an eternally busy person, so he does not have time enough to decorate his room.

Good luck!