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Since you sleep approximately a third of your life, it only make sense to want where you sleep to be as comfortable as possible. Your bedroom decor is something you are going to be spending a lot of time both looking at and being surrounded by, so it’s definitely worth your time to create a space to call your own.

Our sleep habits help define our health and overall appearance. A good night’s sleep doesn’t only make us look refreshed, it is also important to our overall physical and emotional health. Poor sleep habits, like not getting enough sleep, or too much screen time which can upset our internal clock, are things that we can control on our own. But poor mattress choices, and what we surround ourselves with while we sleep, can all interrupt our cycle which can lead to sleep deprivation.

Sleep deprivation is a major factor in heart related issues, obesity, and diabetic problems, as well as the negative toll it takes on your brain’s cognitive thought process. Using decorating techniques and bedroom hacks when remodeling your bedroom to help improve your time of rest and relaxation is definitely worth your while in the long run. Consider the following tips to recreate your space for maximum recharge.


What you sleep upon is probably the most important factor to take into consideration. If you wake each morning with aches and pains, or you have have trouble getting to sleep each night and spend an inordinate amount of time tossing and turning, you should seriously consider replacing your mattress. The life of a mattress is generally only as good as the warranty it came with, so if you’ve had the same sleeping surface for close to ten years or more,  you are likely ready for an upgrade.

Comfortable Bedroom

Your sleep positions, body weight, and height are all factors to consider when buying a mattress. With as many technological advances in the mattress industry, researching and checking out your options are easier than ever. Mattress pads and toppers are also worth considering depending on your specific needs, or if a fairly new mattress just needs an extra layer of comfort.

If you are a hot sleeper and find blankets are too stifling each night, the culprit to your discomfort might actually be your mattress. Consider a cooling mattress topper to help alleviate heat retention and allow you to sleep through the night uninterrupted.


Lighting is a major factor to consider within your bedroom. Tablets, televisions, smartphones, and nightlights are all sources of nighttime light we have all considered a part of our daily routine, but what you don’t know is that they may be tricking your brain into wakefulness. You don’t need to remove them entirely from your space, but you may want to consider their location in your room.

lighting in bedroom

The blue light emitted from our favorite sources of entertainment are actually messing with our brain, and sending it signals to help keep it awake and alert. Our melatonin levels, the hormone that is naturally produced to help us sleep, is affected by the added exposure to blue lights which mimic natural daylight. When melatonin is suppressed, you don’t get enough to feel sleepy, and then stay up longer. This is easily remedied however; simply turn off your electronics an hour or more before going to sleep and allow your body to naturally prepare itself for the rest of the night.

We also often like to have a light close by in order to see our way to the bathroom, or help little feet find their way in the middle of the night. Although the light emitted from such sources are not as disruptive as screens, you may want to think about placement when decorating. Use tabletop lamps in areas where the direct light cannot be seen in a bedroom, or use bulbs that have different settings and have it turned low at night. Nightlights might be best put to use in the bathroom, rather than in a bedroom to help guide the way to the source as well.


Not surprisingly, there are many gadgets you can actually add to your decor to help you get a good night’s rest. One way to do so it to take advantage of your tablets or smartphone and add an app that when placed near your bed can help monitor your sleep movement and pick up on sounds to provide data you can use to influence your sleeping habits.

Other functions include using sound to help you drift off to sleep, as well as light to help you wake more naturally rather than using a traditional alarm. These types of perks can also be found in smart alarms that tie into Smart House systems and can help regulate lighting, sound, and even temperature through the night.


Many recent studies have suggested that there is a direct relationship to visual clutter and raised anxiety. If your mind it not at rest, it can be awful hard to get to sleep- so consider the layout of your room, and how to best organize it. If you aren’t keen on putting away your clothes each night, then put your hamper out of site in a bathroom. Walk in closets that are in disarray can be easily reorganized with simple storage solutions, and messy dresser tops only take minutes to get together with a few simple and inexpensive tabletop containers.