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Rubber flat roofing is very popular in the UK, owing to it’s low installation price and ease of installation. Thanks to low installation costs and ease of installation rubber is a very popular choice for flat roofing in the UK.

Sadly, and as many a DIY’er has found out personally, unless expertly installed by a professional rubber roofs will leak, shrink and wrinkle shortly after installation.

House owners these days are moving away from rubber for a lot of reasons; some dislike the look and prefer a finer finish, while others want their roofs to last longer. Luckily, there are many alternatives to rubber for your flat roof and as a local roofer in Hull FasciaRite Roofing are in a good position to help you decide which roof is best for your home.

Fibreglass or GRP as it is more commonly known is frequently used for flat roofing for many reasons, for example, installers will often provide a full 25 year guarantee on new fibreglass installations, safe in the knowledge that the roof lasts significantly longer. Testament to the longevity of fibreglass, boats constructed with the material over 50 years ago remain on the water today.

Fibreglass roofs are entirely waterproof the moment the fibreglass laminate is applied and has gone off (set hard) and suffer very little UV degeneration once the topcoat has been applied. They are installed with a single continuing surface and can be applied in any colour – this means that, in contrast to rubber or felt, fibreglass roofs have no natural deficiencies which will inevitably let in water once the roof ages. Whilst another benefit of fibreglass is that they are easily patch repaired if damaged, the reality is that if properly installed a fibreglass roof shouldn’t need repairs.

Good things about a Fibreglass Roof

The roofing material is applyed as a liquid resin on top of the specified area, so it can be used to create any shape of roof. Not like old fashioned roofing materials like bitumen, it sets without the need for heat to be applied. This means a lesser cost for installation and the installation itself is safer too.

Unlike older felt roofs which last 5, maybe 10 years at a push, a fibreglass roof is known for lasting 25 years and longer. The system is backed by a UK company with decades of experience in making polyester products.

Advice and help

Installing any type of flat roofing is a big investment so you’ll need help and advice. Fasciarite Roofing can help you select the right roofing materials for your house. Whether you’re a domestic customer searching for an upgrade, an architect examining new systems or a business aiming to protect your assets, there’s a roofing solution to suit your purposes.

If you would like to replace your rubber roof with something more durable, attractive, and long-lasting, contact a professional.