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Selling your home can sometimes be a long
and arduous process, so it is essential that you try and give your property the
best chance of a sale with repairs, renovations and everything in between.
Unless you just want a quick sale, it serves to reason that you should get the
best possible price from selling your home, so it is a good idea to take time
making it look presentable for your viewings.
Before you invite potential buyers and your
estate agent into your home when you’re trying to sell up, it is important that
you spend some time thoroughly cleaning each room. Some viewers will inevitably
want to inspect every square inch of your home, and if there is mess to be
found, they will find it. That is why you need to take care to ensure that
every room is spotless and ready for the viewings. Take a look at our advice on
cleaning your property in preparation for house viewings.

Outside and In

Consider the very first thing that your potential
buyer will see; it’s the exterior of the property. If it is not kept in good or
at least presentable condition, it can discourage people from wanting to view
the property, especially if the exterior is the only thing they have to go on.
Make sure the lawn is tidy and the weeding
has been done. If you have any loose paving slabs or cracked tiles on the
patio, get these fixed so that they don’t become tripping hazards. Ponds should
be clean, with any water features switched on and working to show it off at its
best. Even making small amendments such as trimming back the weeds or adding
some new potted plants can make all the difference when welcoming potential

Getting Rid of Dust
Dust is something that a lot of people can be on the lookout for, whether they
are buying a new home or looking at renting a property. Dust is common,
frequent, and to be expected in lived in homes and uninhabited homes alike, but
it is not always welcome, particularly if people are looking at making the
property their new potential home. While of course this doesn’t affect the
quality of the home itself, people might worry that they will have to carry out
a deep clean if there is lots of dust gathered, and some people may have dust
allergies, so this could seriously put them off the house.
Use a dust-attracting duster or damp cloths
for a more thorough clean, and don’t forget about high surfaces or under
electrical equipment. Skirting boards and walls are surprisingly good at
collecting dust, so gently wipe over them to remove this. Make sure not to dust
the tops of doors, cupboards and on mantelpieces and windowsills. If you have a
lot of trinkets, store them in a safe container before dusting all around. It
may even be better that you store away trinkets during house viewings.

Grime Hotspots
The kitchen and bathroom are hotspots for dirt
build up, so use a good bathroom cleaner to get your bathroom clean and check
for mould on the ceiling, around the bath and around the windows where moisture
can get trapped and build up. Grease can be a real problem in the kitchen, so
you need a decent amount of mettle and a good, strong oven cleaner which can
cut through that grease to get it totally clean. Extractor fans also attract
grease, so check these too. Remember to try not to cook anything strong
smelling before the viewings, as the smell of old food or strong air freshener
can be very off-putting.
Cleaning your home on any scale can be an
incredibly rewarding task to undertake, but it is also a necessity when
attempting to sell your property, in order to make it look its very best. On
the other hand, if you don’t feel as though you’ll be able to get it all done
to a high standard yourself, why not call in a professional cleaning company to
get your house clean and sparkling for you? An experienced cleaner will be able
to pay special attention to detail using knowledge that you may not have and it
also helps to reduce stress and pressure on you as the property owner by taking
the cleaning of a whole home off your hands. It might seem extravagant, but it
could also help you snag the sale you’ve been waiting for, so it’s definitely
worth the expense.

Article provided by Mike James, an
independent content writer in the property industry – working alongside a
selection of companies including Sussex-based cleaning specialists Apple Clean, who were consulted over the
information contained in this piece.